Allie 10
Character Information
Japanese Name アリー
Romaji Ari
Gender Female
Species Human
World of Origin Motorville
English voice actor Jo Wyatt
Other Page Alicia
Son Oliver

Allie (アリー) is Oliver's mother. A weak-at-health, but caring mother, her death is the catalyst for Oliver's journey into Ni no Kuni. She is also the one who gave Oliver the doll that would reveal himself as Drippy. Her soulmate in the Other World is the Great Sage Alicia (アリシア様 Alicia-sama).


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver's kind young bit-overprotective mother loses her life through heart-failure after saving Oliver from drowning. However, Drippy seems to think she resembles the great sage Alicia with whom he traveled in his own world before Shadar turned him into a doll.

Since her soulmate should be alive in the other world, Drippy reckons it'll be possible to bring her back by freeing Alicia.

The Truth

When the party defeats Vileheart in the Miasma Marshes, the beast drops the soulsnare that should hold Alicia. In truth though, the gem only contains the last memory of Alicia that Shadar had.

Alicia could not defeat him, so she wanted to set out to find his soulmate and thus save Shadar who had saved her as a little girl, unbeknown to him.

Since Shadar had done away with his soulmate she took a major gamble and traveled both through time and to Motorville to await the reincarnation of Shadar's soulmate. She was found and aided by Leila. Allie's Soulmate was, in fact, not Alicia. She, herself, was Alicia all this time. Sometime later she gave birth to Oliver and raised him to be a good person.