Ashes of Resurrection
Spell Information
Rune Number 51
Japanese Name ふっかつのはい / 復活の灰
Romaji Ashes' Revival
Spell Type Forbidden
Element -
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 0 MP
A forbidden spell. Due to it's immense power, it is extremely difficult to cast, and drawing its rune is no guarantee of success, even under optimal conditions. Though it is indeed capable of bringing the dead back to life, the act comes at a terrible price to the caster. You simply have no idea what you could lose should you attempt to cast this spell.

Wizard's Companion

Ashes of Resurrection (ふっかつのはい / 復活の灰 Ashes' Revival) is a forbidden spell. It serves as a major focus of the end game plot.


Ages before the beginning of the game, the Zodiarchy ruled over Nazcäa after the Wizard King passed away, using their power to become tyrants in all but name while poor Cassiopeia was left upon the throne to take all the blame. Determined to improve the lives of her people, Cassiopeia discovered a spell of "manna," which turned out to be Ashes of Resurrection. Upon casting it, however, all her subjects turned into monsters, signifying the terrible price that comes with its use. Said casting destroyed Nazcäa and left Cassiopeia alone and without anyone to comfort her.

During the final battle against the Zodiarchy, a newly purified Cassiopeia can cast Ashes of Resurrection. It revives one party member with full HP. Interestingly, using this spell seems to have no adverse effects of Cassiopeia or the area around her despite the spell supposedly causing the caster to lose something that they would miss terribly.

After defeating the Zodiarchy and watching the credits roll, the page for Ashes of Resurrection is added to the Wizard's Companion. However, neither Oliver nor Marcassin is able to use it simply due to the spell's adverse effects.


  • A word written in Nazcaan language is written in the top of the page. It says "Forbidden".
  • Ashes of Resurrection's page in the Wizard's Companion varies from every other page in the book due to its background being completely white. In addition, a large cross is drawn across the page (which unfortunately does nothing to block out the rune itself), symbolizing how the spell is forbidden due to its possible effects.
  • The Witch Witch refers to the dust it creates as "manna."
  • In The Bear-Man and the Princess's Tears, the Princess cast Ashes of Resurrection in order to revive the bear-man, who had died protecting her (though the effect was that the Princess lost all her memories of him).
  • Ashes of Resurrection is the only spell with a page that differs from the Wizard's Companion's normal page type that cannot be used by any player-controlled character in game.
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