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Astrid Astrum
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Character Information
Japanese Name アーシャ
Romaji Āsha
Gender Female
Species Human
Weapon Wand
Occupation Princess of Evermore
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Mei Nagano
English voice actor Abby Trott
Soulmate Kotona Takashina
Father Fidelius Astrum
Uncle Sedulus Astrum

Astrid Astrum (アーシャ Āsha?) is a character in the Ni no Kuni movie. She is the princess of Evermore, and is Kotona Takashina's soulmate. She loves oranges just like her soulmate.


Her mother died when she was younger and leaves her a dagger which can penetrate magical barriers. and the Aegis Spell which protects her from harm and causes damage to those who attack her. During the events of the movie she is stabbed by a cursed dagger and would've died had Yu not pulled it out. She then stops both Yu and Haru from being persecuted by Gnauss the court mage. She invites Yu to the Lake of Purity, where she performs the magic sealing dance to remove the impurities of the curse from her. She bonds with Yu telling him that she wants real friends. She protests the Colosseum fight and the ill-treatment of both Haru and Yu, but her pleas fall on deaf ears.

During the battle of Evermore, she gives Yu her mother's special dagger to use in case it is needed. When both Yu and Haru confront Gnauss with the attempted assassination of her. Yu notices the smell of the curse from the dagger from Gnauss. And she asks Gnauss to take off his shirt because if he was the assassin then he would've taken damage from the Aegis Spell. Once he does he revealed himself to be Crown Prince Sedulus and Galeroth.

After Yu saves her she and Haru fight Galeroth. Yu discovers Mornstar and through their efforts, Haru slays Galeroth with the newly found Mornstar. Afterward a portal is open due to the defeat of Galeroth. She urges Yu to leave because a person who is not from Ni No Kuni are unable to stay. Though it turns out Yu can stay because he was originally from Ni No Kuni, they start a relationship. He is eventually crowned king of Evermore.


She is a kind down-to-earth girl, who wants to have real friends. She has a strong sense of justice and cares for her kingdom.



She is noted multiple times from Galeroth and others that she is exceptionally powerful with magic. She can use a staff in battle and be able to fire a spell at Galeroth and hold her own against him. She has the Aegis Spell which protects her from wounds directly inflicted upon her. A dagger was given to her by her mother which can nullify magical barriers. She can also perform The Magic Sealing Dance which can remove the negative effects of curses.