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Boss Information
Aliases Final Test of the Temple of Trials
Japanese Name バラゴス
Romaji Valgos
World The Summerlands
Boss Analysis
HP 870
Weak Water
Resist Fire
Attack 55
Defense 47
Magical Attack 28
Magical Defense 42
Evasion 24
Accuracy 64
After Battle Rewards
Experience 435
Guilders 360
Drops Spirit of the Temple
Steal -

Bashura (バラゴス Valgos) is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered as the Test of Strength in the Temple of Trials.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Fire
Elemental Weakness: Water
Tricks: Devastation, Soul Seal, Mind Over Matter
Items Dropped: Spirit of the Temple
Location: Temple of Trials


Bashura has 4 attacks:

  • Basic Attack
  • Soul Steal
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Devastation

Bashura can be countered during his standard attacks. Devastation comes out almost instantly. It is the fastest ability in the game. It hurts, so defend it when you can. Soul Seal is a spell that has very low accuracy and inflicts Nix (Silence). Mind over Matter is a circular AoE that you can out range quite easily or defend against.

Bashura is shielded on his backside. Try to stay in front of him or your damage will be negated by 99%.

Bashura's attention will primarily be focused on whoever you are not controlling. So, if Oliver is lead he will be focused on Esther. Just stand back and fire Frostbite or swap to Sid and use Water Bomb if you have it equipped. Alternatively, use your strongest familiar and attack him to death. Be mindful to defend abilities and counter his basic attacks when you can.

Esther's familiar, Drongo, can use Ice Age if a gold glim becomes available. It is the strongest attack that can be used in this fight.


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