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Bauer Linden
Bauer Linden.PNG
Character Information
Japanese Name バウアー・レンデン
Romaji Bauā Renden
Gender Male
Species Dogfolk
Occupation Soldier
World of Origin Ni no Kuni
Japanese voice actor Shinnosuke Ogami
English voice actor Ray Chase

Bauer Linden (バウアー・レンデン Bauā Renden?) is a character in the Ni no Kuni film.


He is a very large and strong Dogfolk man.


He enjoys hanging out at the pubs and is kind of on the perverted side.


Bauer is a part of Evermore's Seventh-Rank Regiment. He encounters Haru and Yu at a pub where he brags about defeating 200 enemies. He is little help in helping them find Kotona but they are able to find her soulmate Astrid. During the Evermore battle, he saves Barton when he is being overrun by enemies, and tells Barton that if he ever forgets him then to remember his dog face.