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The Black Hooded Man was an antagonist in the Ni No Kuni Movie. He is an assassin with the Black Banner's, he answers to Galeroth. He was the main reason both Haru and Yu arrived in Ni No Kuni after he stabbed Kotona.


He started to stalk Kotona throughout Tokyo after her date with Haru. When he finally cornered her, he stabbed her with the Cursed Dagger. When he encountered Yu trying to save her he immediately fled. He appeared again when Haru and Yu were arguing and caused them to switch worlds again after he attempted to kill them. When both Haru and Yu appeared one last time he was stalking Yu's sister Saki. He was trying to find out about Yu's whereabouts and calls her by her nickname, Yu stops him and they flee. He turns into a spider and follows them but he is defeated once Saki rams him in her car.


He has shown great stealth when he was able to creep up on Kotona, and Saki at another point. He is quick and acrobatic shown when he was able to quickly get away from Haru and Yu. He is also able to traverse worlds at will, which only wayfarers are able to do. He has some super strength and can turn into a huge spider. When transformed he is far quicker as he is able to catch up to Saki's moving car. And is stronger and durable.