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Broadleaf (グランリーフ Guranrīfu "Grand-Leaf") is a location in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. It is featured prominently in Chapter 6: The Price of Power.


Broadleaf is the city of ingenuity and technology. Zip Vector is the current president. Although Broadleaf has grown from a small dream to a large community, the constant source of pollution streaming from the factories have had an adverse effect on the surrounding region and the creatures that live there. The Kingsmaker for the region is Bastion.

Library's Description

A Kingdom at the Cutting Edge

Located in the center of Autumnia, Broadleaf is one of the world’s newest nations. Once just a tiny settlement hidden amid dense forest, Zip Vector’s inventions and buisness savvy have turned it into the world’s most technically advanced kingdom. Bastion, its kingmaker, is said to be more concerned with self-improvement than protect his realm.

All of Broadleaf’s institutions are situated in the giant tower known as the Treehouse, which is also the headquarters of Broadleaf Inc. The kingdom was founded on a rich seam of magical ore, the intensive mining and exploitation of which fueled its explosive development, but also caused the local environment to become terribly polluted.

Practical Technology for All

Several conflicts have taken place between the people of Broadleaf and the local monsters over the control of the region’s resources, and tensions remain high to this day. Many bandits and monsters attacked the Treehouse during its construction, but they proved no match for Broadleaf’s advanced weaponry. These battles were an excellent showcase for the company’s wares.

Map Locations

  • Entrance of Broadleaf
  • Dome Park
  • Dynafloor No. 1
  • Testing Floor
  • Cradle of Wisdom



In Broadleaf are several Higgledy Stones and Evan can make some new friends with the right ingredients:[1]


  • Broadleaf's Treehouse is an arcology – a city contained within a single building. Thus, it contains all necessary facilities: Workplace, living space, supply, recreation and waste, without the need of ever leaving the building.