Fearsome creatures who have ruled over land and sky since the dawn of time.

The proud creatures of the dracones genus have endured for milleia as a result of their extraordinary resilience. They are blessed with sharp fangs, long talons, and broad wings- all of which can be brought to bear during battle. Still more impressively, many are equally comfortable on land and in the air.

Should one wish to befriend such a creature, a gift of hard, chewy treats, such as chocolate, might help to break the ice. - Wizard's Companion.

This genus has 6 base familiars:

  • Plessie/Messy Plessie/Stressy Plessie/Blessy Plessie
  • Naja/Najalisk/Mahanaja/Najapatra
  • Teeny Bopper/Big Bopper/Duck-Billed Bopper/Unibopper
  • Dinoceros/Destroceros/Demoliceros/Catastroceros 
  • Sapdragon/Flapdragon/Scrapdragon/Napdragon
  • Draggle/Dragette/Dragamuffin/Bedraggle

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