This list is from the NDS game, it's possible it's different in the PS3 game.

1. The Rolling Hills (北の森 North Forest):

Monster drops: White Bread (ふんわりパン Fluffy Bread), Iced Coffee (すっきりコーヒー Refreshing Coffee), Supple Leather (つるつるレザー hanging leather), ちからのませき (power/strength-something, looks like a rock slab with red designs on it), (どくそう poisonous plant - red in the middle with orange and pink leaves, and blue/purple vines).

  • ガリピヨ (Garipiyo). Yellow monster with black cat-like ears and a dinosaur's tail. The very first monster you fight in-game. Drops: White Bread / ふんわりパン (Fluffy Bread)
  • ガブッチョ (Gabuccho) The second monster you fight in-game. A tiny blue aligator. Drops: Iced Coffee / すっきりコーヒー (Refreshing Coffee)
  • パッケンジュウ (Pakkenjyuu) A blue monster with two large Venus flytrap-ish arms.
  • ヒョコリンソウ (Hyokorinsou) A white bulb/seed-like monster with three leaves sticking out from its head.
  • ニョロン (Nyoron, from "nyoronyoro", the sound effect for slithering) A pink snake with a blue tongue.
  • グルボミー (Gurubomii) A blue/purple monster that has the top half of a rabbit and the bottom half of a pinecone.
  • ラークン (Raakun) A green sea otter-ish monster that floats in the air.
  • The Guardian of the Woods 森のタシ (Forest's Caretaker) - A green, Pokemon-like miniboss with bandages on its arms and plants growing on its back. Drops: Spirit of the Woods / もりのオーブ (Forest Orb).

2. The Summerlands (ミド大陸北 Middle Continent)

Monster drops: Iced Coffee / すっきりコーヒ  (Refreshing Coffee), ちからのませき (power/strength-something, looks like a rock slab with red designs on it), Supple Leather (つるつるレザー hanging leather), ビッチストーン beachstone (round, grey lump of rock sitting in a puddle)

  • シーバー (Shiibaa) - Dark blue (or purple) monster with a tail that stands on two legs, has white sheep-like fluff on its head.
  • ブリ (Buri) - A giant pink rat with a rhino's face.
  • ゲータカ (geetaka) - Looks like a turkey.
  • スリーピー (Sleepy) - Sort of like a white mushroom with a fancy coloured top and hops from foot to foot. The very top of its head is dark blue.
  • ガウリオ (Gaurio) - An orange lion with a yellow mane. The face is more like a sheep.
  • バオン (Baon) - A pink elephant with chicken legs, extra long armoured nose, two white tusks, and light-blue eyelids.

3. Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom):

While there are no monsters in town, there are monsters in Ding Dong Well (ゴロネール地下水道 Goroneeru underground waterway)

Monster drops: Iced Coffee / すっきりコーヒー (Refreshing Coffee), Poison-Be-Gone / どくけしそう (antidote-seeming)Bumbler Honey / ハナハチのミツ (flower-bee honey/nectar).

  • ブヒスパナ (Buhisupana) - A pig that wears human clothes, has rabbit ears, and walks on two legs.
  • フラピーチ (furapiichi) - A floating blue thing with a pink hat and pink/green cape. Can heal the other monsters.
  • ゲロゲール (gerogeeru) - A round, blue frog with a white belly. Can poison you.
  • ラッピ (rappi) - A floating dark green/light green fish that makes a noise like a dog's squeaky toy when it's hit.
  • フリップ (flip) - A blue digimon-like monster that has a white belly and walks on two arms, its hands/feet are purple. Also has giant purple eyebrows.
  • バクバクドン (thump-thump-boom). Looks like an evolved form of ガブッチョ (Gabuccho). It is a floating blue aligator with orange tips on its tail, two arms, and a glowing orange ball for an antenna.
  • Hickory Dock (チューベル (chuuberu / kiss-bell), the miniboss. A giant purple mouse with rabbit ears, a magic wand, and a tuft of yellow hair on its head.

4. Golden Grove (モエールの森 Moeeru/Buuudding Forest).

Monster drops: Bumbler Honey / ハナハチのミツ (flower-bee honey/nectar), Sturdy Shinbone (かたいホネ tough bone), ほのおのプリザム (flame prism)

  • (はたらきハナハチ labour flowercrown) - Looks kind of like a brown sunflower with a body, with yellow and blue petals, and carries a green leaf knife/flag.
  • ピョンビー (Pyonbii, "pyon" is the sound effect for a rabbit hop) - A light-brown "rabbit" with a long tail that is striped with red. Carries a purple spear.
  • ゲルネーク (Geruneeku) - A tri-coloured lizard that's curled up and biting its tail. It's light brown, dark brown, and light green.
  • オドロキソウ (Astonished-seeming) - A floating white seed that has two heart-shaped leafs coming out of its head. The hearts are green on the outside the red on the inside. Can heal itself.
  • ウリボン (Uribon) - A bearded, pink pig. Its beard and tuft of hair on its head is dark brown.
  • ブルブル (Shivering/Trembling) - A floating, round, green monster with no eyes. It has two white fangs that stick out of its mouth, and pointed teeth.
  • オドロキーノ (Odd-looking) - Looks like a fat tree-sprout that was pulled out of the earth and is now floating. Has an 0.0 expression and two small leaves sticking out of the top of its head. Can poison you.
  • Gladiataur (ホーンタウロス Horn Tauros). Armoured miniboss, wields a short sword and shield. Drops: だいちのオーブ (earth orb)

5. The Middlelands again:

(Areas from the forest to the mountain, including the desert)

Monster drops: (らいうのタネ thunderstorm seed - looks like a walnut), (パニックボール panic balls), sturdy shinbone (カタイホネ tough bone) babana (ババナ), tender beef (やわらかビーフ)

  • オーン - Looks like a fat llama with blue horns and one leg in the middle of its body.
  • コッツヘイ - a skeleton with a map and human clothes. Wind is effective against it.
  • みじゅくババナン (unripe babanan) - It's an unripe bunch of bananas with arms and legs. Weak to fire.
  • フアン - A yellow cheetah-ish monster who walks on two legs.
  • こどもアラビン (child arabin) - Looks like a humanoid pink/purple acorn.
  • ニョロリーナ (slitherina) - a light-blue snake with a yellow thing on top of its head.

6. Temple of Trials (試練の洞窟 cave of trials).

Monster drops: Sturdy Shinbone (かたいホネ tough bone), (おんさのつの tuning fork's horn? - looks like a grey horn), (かいみんラッブ pleasant sleep rub/love - a hook with some cotton-looking stuff around it), ほのおのプリザム (flame prism), (あおいこうぼく blue fragrant wood - looks like blue charcoal), (こくようせき obsidian - a purple "diamond")

  • ツケーン (Tsukeen) - A red "devil" with a long nose, yellow eyes, and a yellow pitchfork. Drops: Sturdy Shinbone (かツノノtough bone). Fire element, weak to ice.
  • ツノノコ (Tsunonoko) - a sort of bird with large yellow wings, a peaked brown face, two red legs, and feathers on top of its head that are light-blue tipped. Wind element, weak to electricity(?).
  • マスタス (Masutasu) - A pokemon-like dark blue bat that stands on the tip of its tail, it has yellow eyebrows. Can heal its party members.
  • クラード (Kuraado) - Looks like a dancing human with blue-grey skin, yellow clothes, and a hat with white things that cover its face.
  • アッチー (Acchii) - An orange baby with a pacifier/baby's dummy, sparks on its head, a white daiper, and two floating yellow balls above its palms.

7. Old Smoky (デカロック山 Deca-rock Mountain)

Monster drops: Sturdy Shinbone (かたいホネ tough bone),

  • マグマダム (Magmadame), a miniboss. A fat, red "woman" volcano monster with pink lips and gold covering her "breasts" and lower belly. Appears on the path as an event.
  • ツノノコ (Tsunonoko) - Described above.
  • コバルトウルグル (Cobalt Uruguru) - A blue hyena with a yellow-orange tail and "spine". Its tongue sticks out.
  • アッチー (Acchii) - Described above.

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