Boss Information
Aliases Spirit of the North Wind
World Winter Isles
Boss Analysis
HP 6370
Weak Fire
Resist Water
Attack 145
Defense 143
Magical Attack 101
Magical Defense 117
Evasion 131
Accuracy 149
After Battle Rewards
Experience 2290
Guilders 2680
Drops Spirit of the Snow
Steal Wolf Fangs

Cerboreas is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered in The Glittering Grotto.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Water
Elemental Weakness: Fire
Tricks: Glacial Guard, Cold Boulder, Howling Blizzard
Items Dropped: Spirit of the Snow
Location: The Glittering Grotto


Cerboreas is a swift attacker and his physical attacks will sometimes smash you and your familiars around the area, canceling their attacks. Since the creature is weak against fire, casting Fireball repeatedly with Oliver in the early stage of the fight can be beneficial; grab the golden glims with Oliver and perform him fire-based Miracle Move. Since you can't keep abusing the boss's weakness like that (the chance for a stun diminishes over time), focus on timed All-Out Attacks and Defenses.

Its most dangerous attack is by far Howling Blizzard. It causes major damage to your entire party, and it's casting time is very short, making it difficult to defend against. Water-resistant equipment surely comes in handy here, but be sure to heal up with a Pixie Dew afterwards nonetheless.