Draw Poison
Draw Poison Rune
Spell Information
Rune Number 4
Japanese Name 解毒
Romaji Anti-poison/Detoxification
Spell Type Everyday/Battle
Element LightElement
Effect Shape Point
MP Cost 4 MP
Nothing perturbs a wizard more than poison, and with good reason: even small amounts should been known to cause untold distress. Should you or your companions be affected in such a manner, be sure to use this magical cure. No matter how deeply the poison has taken hold, there is always hope if you are able to draw this rune.

Wizard's Companion

Draw Poison (解毒 Anti-poison/Detoxification) is an everyday and battle spell that allows it's user to remove poison. This spell given to Oliver by Horace in Al Mamoon after answering his riddle correctly. It's additionally used in the NDS game, where it's needed to solve a puzzle in the Temple of Trials.

Draw Poison WC

Wizard's Companion Illustration of Draw Poison

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