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Errands are side quests given at the Swift Solutions vendor in settlements and towns. They involve fetch-questing and transferring various pieces of hearts (like Courage, Enthusiasm, Kindness, Restraint, Belief, Confidence, Love and Ambition.) from one person to another or locating different items, some of which can only be obtained once the errand has been accepted.

Upon completion, you will be awarded Merit Stamps, as well as guilders and useful items.

NPCs with errands may often be seen as a blue dot on the mini-map, and on your approach a blue speech bubble will hang above their head.

Errand No. Name Description Stamps
001 The Procrastinator A man in Ding Dong Dell has lost all enthusiasm for day-to-day life. 2
002 The Idle Wife A woman in Ding Dong Dell has completely lost her enthusiasm for keeping her house in order. 2
003 The Sheikh of Spice Al Mamoon's Sheikh of Spice is suffering from a severe lack of enthusiasm. 2
004 An Overdue Loan A Mamooni boy is unkindly refusing to return a book he borrowed from his friend. 2
005 Ice Cream Dreams A Mamooni ice cream merchant is suddenly too scared to leave the city on his long-planned journey of discovery. 2
006 The Fisherman's Woe A Castaway Cove fisherman has suddenly become scared of the sea, and refuses to get into his boat. 2
007 Shop Till You Drop A woman from Castaway Cove can't help spending all her money on swimsuits, though she has quite enough already. 2
008 Service Without a Smile A shopkeeper in the Fairygrounds is entirely incapable of being nice to his customers. 2
009 Tactless Timing A Fairyground-dweller finds himself unable to stop cracking jokes at inopportune moments. 2
010 A Sister's Savior A young man from Hamelin is being uncharacteristically unkind to his little sister. 3
011 A Proposal Postponed A Hamelin man has suddenly become terrified of the woman he wants to marry. 3
012 Asleep on the Job A Hamelin shop worker is having trouble staying awake while working, and is in danger of losing his job. 3
013 Piggy Paranoia A Hamelin guard has become suspicious of everyone he sees, and refuses to let anyone in or out of the town. 3
014 Research on the Rocks A Hamelin researcher has lost all faith in his assistants, and is unable to continue his research. 3
015 School's In A young girl who lives in Ding Dong Dell can no longer be bothered to go to school. 3
016 Strength to Soldier On A senior Ding Dong Dell soldier finds himself wholly unable to summon the courage to fight monsters. 3
017 A Suspicious Mind A young Mamooni man has been driven to distraction by doubts over his beloved's fidelity. 3
018 ...Where the Heart Isn't A man from Castaway Cove has become suspicious of his fellow residents, and has decided to move away from the village. 3
019 With Friends Like These A grimalkin girl from Ding Dong Dell is unable to show her friends the merest hint of kindness. 3
020 A Shivering Wreck A man from Yule is refusing to leave the house, having given in to his dislike of the cold. 3
021 A Tail of Woe A Ding Dong Dell grimalkin has lost confidence in his tug-o'tail ability, and is going to pull out of the forthcoming tourney. 3
022 Artist's Block An artist from Al Mamoon is suffering a crisis of confidence, and is seriously considering trading in his brushes. 3
023 Comedy Gold A Teeheeti comedian has lost confidence in his material, and is reluctant to take to the stage as a result. 3
024 A Crisis of Confidence A Hamelin researcher has lost faith in his abilities, and finds himself unable to proceed with his work. 3
025 Big Babana Love A Mamooni farmer has suddenly lost his love for babanas, the crop to which he has devoted his life. 5
026 Unrequited Love A young woman from Castaway Cove no longer feels any love for her husband-to-be. 5
027 A Woman's Best Friend A Hamelin woman is deeply concerned about her pet dog, who appears to be brokenhearted. 5
028 Cold as Ice A Yule man suddenly finds himself unable to care about his family, even though his child is ill. 5
029 Mamooni Idol A Mamooni woman has given up on her childhood dream of becoming a famous singer. 5
030 What Fishermen Want A Castaway Cove fisherman has started to question his dream of owning a mighty fleet of fishing vessels. 5
031 The March of Progress A Hamelin researcher has lost sight of the ideals that first inspired him, and has resolved to abandon his life's work. 5
032 Llapacking It In A young boy is about to give up on his dream of becoming the greatest llapaca herder in Perdida. 5
033 A Half-Hearted Hubby A traveling merchant appears to have lost his appetite for the trade while in Al Mamoon, causing his wife no end of worry. 2
034 A Heartless Wife Since arriving in Castaway Cove, one of the traveling merchants has been being unkind to her poor husband. 2
035 A Weak-Hearted Hubby While in Teeheeti, one of the traveling merchants has developed a fear of traveling. His wife is at her wits' end. 2
036 A Hearty Appetite One of the traveling merchants is having trouble controlling her appetite. 3
037 A Mean-Hearted Hubby One of the traveling merchants suddenly finds himself unable to trust anyone, much to his wife's dismay. 3
038 A Down-Hearted Wife Once of the traveling merchants is suffering a crisis of confidence in Perdida. As ever, her husband is at a loss. 5
039 A Cold-Hearted Hubby Since returning to Ding Dong Dell, one of the traveling merchants no longer feels any love for his poor wife. 5
040 A Change of Heart With their shop in Ding Dong Dell due to open, one of the traveling merchants has begun to doubt the whole venture. 5
041 A Safe Hiding Place A young grimalkin from Ding Dong Dell remembers putting her red earring in a pot... but has forgotten which one. 2
042 A Splash of Color A female grimalkin in Ding Dong Dell would like to brighten up her porch with some flowers. 2
043 Hide and Seek A Ding Dong Dell mother is worried about her sons, who haven't come home yet. 3
044 Forest Folk A forest dweller tried to defeat the rhinobores that were threatening his home all by himself. 4
045 A Lover's Lunch Basket A Mamooni woman's husband left his lunch behind when he went out to forage for mushrooms. 3
046 Bothersome Boneheads An elderly merchant from Al Mamoon is worried because her supply lines are coming under attack. 3
047 A Boy and His Birds A young Mamooni boy is worried because his pigeons are late returning to him. 2
048 The King of Curries A curry stall holder in Al Mamoon lacks the ingredients required to make the famous tikka mahala curry. 4
049 A Snazzier Swimsuit A Castaway Cove designer asked you to provide her with three rainbow leaves. 3
050 The Concerned Crab A blue crab in Castaway Cove asked you to look for his missing friend. 3
051 A Comedy of Errors A fairy in Teeheeti is panicking after misplacing some slapsticks he "borrowed" from a friend. 3
052 A Big Splash A fairy in Teeheeti caught a cold after jumping into the river. 4
053 Boars in the Bushes Some hyperboars have moved in to Golden Grove, making life very difficult for the fairies who live there. 6
054 A Flower in the Fug A Hamelin lady wants to give her mother a flower for her birthday, but it doesn't look like it will blossom in time! 5
055 Making Medicine A Hamelin researcher is beside himself with worry, as he lacks the materials needed to make medicine for his ailing sister. 5
056 Pesky Pirates A Hamelin researcher is anxious because he's unable to deliver his sister's medicine to her. 6
057 The Mechanic's Lament A troublesome broken booster has a mechanic in Skull Mountain at his wits' end. 4
058 The Sky Pirate's Charm A sky pirate in Skull Mountain is in a terrible state after losing his lucky charm. 4
059 Moving On A young girl is worried about how her pet jabberguppy is coping since she became a ghost. 5
060 A Hot New Look A Yule woman would like nothing more than to get her hands on a snazzy swimsuit. 5
061 Yule Have to Search A Tomte mother in Yule is worried about her son, whose whereabouts are unknown. 5
062 Out of This World A young girl from Perdida wants a flower like those she saw in a dream. A dream about her soul mate in Motorville. 6
063 Beating a Bad Back An old man in Perdida is suffering from a terrible backache. 7
064 The Hungry Llapaca A llapaca in Perdida longs to taste something more refined than its customary diet of hay, hay, and more hay. 6
065 The Cat's Whiskers A Ding Dong Dell gatekeeper has had his precious Cat's Whiskers stolen by a monster. 8
066 The Artist's Muse A Mamooni artist is looking for a model who can inspire him to complete his latest work. 6
067 Curry in a Hurry The owner of the Raj Mahal curry stall is too busy to deliver all the orders he's receiving. 8
068 Wakey, Wakey A Hamelin man is having great difficulty staying awake, and has requested your help. 7
069 The Runaway Fairies A fairy in Golden Grove is anxiously waiting for his friends to return after they fled the forest. 10
070 The Greatest Treasure A young boy in Castaway Cove has found a pirate's treasure map, and is keen to investigate the locations marked on it. 10
071 Desert Creatures A man in Al Mamoon who goes by the name of Derwin asked you to bring him some creatures from the desert. 4
072 Mechanical Creatures Derwin has moved on to Hamelin in search of more creature data. 5
073 Snow-Loving Creatures Derwin has moved on to Yule in search of more creature data. 6
074 More Creatures Derwin has moved on to Perdida in search of more creature data. 7
075 Fierce Creatures Derwin has moved on to Ding Dong Dell in search of more creature data. 8
076 The Young Alchemist A young girl in Castaway Cove asked you to create a candle cutter in your cauldron and show it to her. 3
077 The Forest Alchemists The forest dwellers who live on the Shipwreck Shore say they can teach you how to make a royal spear. 5
078 The Master Alchemist An old man who inhabits a cave atop the Genie's Steps says he is willing to teach you some advanced alchemical techniques. 7
079 Notes from the Hills A man visiting Ding Dong Dell is rather flustered after misplacing his diary. 3
080 Notes from a Volcano A man visiting Al Mamoon is rather flustered after misplacing his diary again. 3
081 Notes from an Island A man visiting the Fairyground is rather flustered after misplacing his diary once again. 3
082 Notes from the Tracks A man visiting Hamelin is rather flustered after misplacing his diary yet again. 5
083 Notes from the Snow A man visiting Yule is rather flustered after misplacing his diary for the umpteenth time. 5
084 Notes from the Fog A man visiting Castaway Cove is rather flustered. Against all expectation, it would see he's misplaced his diary. 7
085 Notes from the Center A man visiting Ding Dong Dell is rather flustered after misplacing his bally diary. However could this have happened? 10
131 The Conductor The Conductor is in a forest to the south of Ding Dong Dell, and has something important to tell you. 0
132 Totally Tidy Tools Smiley and Surly need some ideas for new weapons to attract customers to their shop. 0
134 Order of Illusion The knights who appeared in the Ivory Tower are ghosts who were once charged with protecting Queen Cassiopeia. 0
136 Great-Great-Grandsage A sagely looking ghost has been waiting at the Ara Memoriae. It seems he has something important to say. 0