Character Information
Aliases Esther
Japanese Name マル
Romaji Maru
Gender Female
Age 14
Species Human
Weapon Harp
Occupation Songstress
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Nagasawa Masami
English voice actor Lauren Mote
Soulmate Myrtle
Father Rashaad
Esther (マル Maru) is a songstress who joins Oliver on his quest. She is the daughter of the Great Sage, Rashaad. Esther is known to have a fiery personality, which causes her and Swaine to butt heads frequently. Her real-world soulmate is a shy girl named Myrtle, who is nicknamed Starey-Mary by the children because she never leaves her room and always looks out her window.

She initially had part of her heart removed by Shadar, but Oliver helps her return to her former self.


Esther has blonde hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She a dark indigo crop top with a gold neck collar and light purple short sleeves a matching dark indigo skirt with a gold band near the bottom pink puffy pants with gold bands at the legs and orange dancers' slippers. At the Winter Isles, she wears a pink coat with fluffy white edges. In Castaway Cove she wears a blue bikini with a purple towel skirt around her waist.

Battle Role

Like Oliver, Esther is a spellcasting ranged combatant. Whereas Oliver plays like a black mage with his offensive spells, Esther's spells are mostly based around improving allies' stats and healing like a white mage.

Esther has an affinity with Aves, Flora, and Aquatica familiars.


Esther/Sherry uses a harp which she can use to attack enemies. She also has songs, which can be utilized to heal allies or apply buffs. Furthermore, her harp can be used to capture lovestruck monsters through the use of "Serenading".

Esther's Miracle Move, Crescendo, increases the entire party's attack.


Lvl Name MP Cast Time Cooldown Effect
1 Chirpy Tune 40 0 1.5 Restores a moderate amount of HP to one party member.
15 Quick March 15 1.1 3.5 Temporarily raises party's evasion by 50%.
21 Cheer 15 1.1 3.5 Temporarily raises party's magical attack by 20%.
27 Cacophony 12 1.2 3.5 Deals a moderate amount of physical damage to all nearby foes.
36 Chant 11 1 3.5 Heals all ailments from one companion (except for unconsciousness).
43 Healing Hymn 16 1.4 3.5 Restores a significant amount of HP to one member.
55 Refrain 20 1.1 3.5 Temporarily raises party's defense by 15%.
65 Anthem 20 1.1 3.5 Temporarily raises party's attack by 10%.


When we first meet Esther in Al Mamoon, she is wearing an indigo outfit, which she wears consistently throughout the game. The only times she changes is in Castaway Cove (when she gets a rather stylish blue bikini with a purple towel skirt around her waist) and in Yule (where she gets a thick coat very similar to Oliver's but in pink).

Garments Unlocked Image
Al Mamoon Clothes Default
Bathing Suit Acquired in Castaway Cove
Esther Swimming
Winter Coat Acquired in Yule on the Winter Isles
Esther Yule


  • Ensure that she has at least one physical attack familiar, as she burns through her magic points very quickly.
  • Late in game, having her set to 'Keep us Healthy' will cause her to burn through her magic casting buffs on all party members. Each time a buff is cast on party members, the player's character has to stop in place.
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