Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum
Evan Tildrum-NNK2
Character Information
Japanese Name エバン
Romaji Eban
Gender Male
Species Half Grimalkin/ Half Humanfolk
Weapon Swords/ Wands
Occupation (Former) Prince of Ding Dong Dell

King of Evermore

World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Mirai Shida
English voice actor Claire Morgan
Ancestor King Tom Tildrum XIV
Father King Leonhard
Future Son Ferdinand

Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum (エバン・ドリスファン・ニャンダール Eban Dorisufan Nyandāru?, "Evan Drysphan Nyandal") is the protagonist of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. He is a prince who became a king after his father, King Leonhard, died a month before Roland arrives at Ding Dong Dell.

Despite being king, he was unable to form his kingsbond before the coup which meant he wasn't strong enough to fight back. He had planned to reclaim his lost kingdom and seek revenge but instead decided to start a new kingdom to make a world where there was no war for Nella.

He's working with Roland, Tani, Batu, Leander, Bracken, and the other citizens of Evermore to get a signature from the ruler of each of the four major cities for the Declaration of Interdependence. His dream is for everyone to live happily ever after in peace. He is from the cat tribe and half Grimalkin on his father's side, half human on his mother's side.

Evan's favorite food is fish, and he is afraid of Socktopuses. Despite being a king, when it comes to smaller tasks, he says he does not work well under pressure, yet always rises to the challenge.

Evan eventually defeats the kingmakers from all regions. And finally defeats Doloran and his kingmaker bringing peace. Eventually, it is revealed that the boy he was talking to was his son Ferdinand, who ended up uniting the entire world.