Fireball Rune
Spell Information
Rune Number 41
Japanese Name ファイアボール
Spell Type Battle
Element FireElement
Effect Shape Point
MP Cost 4 MP
Fireball blasts an enemy with a magical ball of flame, and is especially damaging to aquatic creatures. Away from the battlefield, it can be used to light lamps, and is useful whenever a spark is required. It goes without saying that all wizards should be careful when dealing with open flames.

Wizard's Companion

Fireball (ファイアボール) is a battle spell that deals minimal fire damage to one target. It is also used for lighting up torches. It is one of three spells Oliver acquires upon first meeting Old Father Oak, the others being Form Familiar and Healing Touch.

Fireball WC

Wizard's Companion Illustration of Fireball

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