Frostbite Rune
Spell Information
Rune Number 43
Japanese Name 氷結
Romaji Freezing
Spell Type Battle
Element WaterElement
Effect Shape Point
MP Cost 6 MP
Aim this spell at a chosen point and the temperature there will plummet, turning the very air into solid ice. Not only can Frostbite be used to attack enemies in this way, but it can also put out fires and freeze moving objects to the spot. On a related note, sages agree that aspiring wizards should always carry a good supply of water with them, since learning how water responds to changes in temperature is the key to understanding many of the principles of advanced magic.

Wizard's Companion

Frostbite (氷結 Freezing) is a battle spell that deals minimal water damage to targeted foe.  This spell given to Oliver by King Tom after defeating Hickory Dock.

Frostbite WC

Wizard's Companion Illustration of Frostbite