Spell Information
Rune Number 2
Spell Type Everyday
Element -
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 0 MP
The gateways formed by this spell are the only way to travel between this world and one of the many other worlds in existence. Casting Gateway requires you to focus your thoughts upon the world to which you travel. It is also imperative to imagine that you have already left the world in which you cast the spell.

Wizard's Companion

Gateway is an everyday spell that opens up a doorway that transports the caster between worlds. Oliver acquires this spell when he receives The Wizard's Companion, and uses it to go to the other world.


  • While Drippy says that the spell requires a large amount of space to use, the spell is usable almost anywhere, including inside buildings or shops.
  • This is also the first spell that the player receives in the game.
  • According to the Wizard's Companion, many people visited the other world, and they were impressed with the machinery they saw and they would tell them to people back in their world. Because of this, sages were concerned and banned people from going to the other world. Casting Gateway is now only available to wizards since then.
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