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Boss Information
Aliases Guardian of Golden Grove
Japanese Name ホーンタウロス
Romaji Horn Tauros
World The Summerlands
Boss Analysis
HP 520
Weak Storm
Resist None
Attack 38
Defense 33
Magical Attack 24
Magical Defense 27
Evasion 29
Accuracy 49
After Battle Rewards
Experience 195
Guilders 300
Drops Spirit of the Glade
Steal -

Gladiataur (ホーンタウロス Horn Tauros) is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered at the end of the Golden Grove. Though he was once the kind-hearted Guardian of the Golden Grove, an encounter with Shadar drove him mad.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: None
Elemental Weakness: Storm
Tricks: Everblade, Savage Swipe
Items Dropped: Spirit of the Glade
Location: Golden Grove


Gladiataur has several attack modes:

  • Basic Attack
  • Savage Swipe
  • Everblade
  • Headlong Rush

Stick with Oliver for this battle and attempt this boss at least at level 10. The best strategy is to keep your distance and use Frostbite. Whenever Gladiataur begins to use either Savage Swipe or Everblade, use Defend. Continue doing this until half of his health has been depleted.

After half of Gladiataur's health is diminished, he will throw away his armor and weapons and gain a power boost. For this half, Gladiataur will mix using his basic attacks with Headlong Rush. Make sure to always Defend when he charges Headlong Rush as it can easily defeat you. Even when defending it can do decent damage, so make sure to keep healing. Don't let your health bar drop past 50% during this half of the fight! Continue blasting him with Frostbite.

When Gladiataur's health is at 30%, he will charge a special attack. After you successfully defend against it, Drippy will intervene and stun the Gladiataur with his own shield. The Gladiataur will be stunned for a few seconds, so you can easily switch out your Mite for a faster hitting familiar or you can continue using Oliver to continue casting Frostbite until Gladiataur is defeated.