Glims are glowing orbs released from Monsters. Glims can appear at times when a "Nice!" appears, such as when the spell Pulse is used or when Oliver or his team members successfully defend against an enemy trick. The effect of the glim will depend it's colour and size.


Glims have 3 types, each with a different look. Green glims have a green color, and blue glims have a blue color. Gold glims have smaller falling orbs, a much brighter look, and has a gold color.


  • Green glims: Restores some Health Points(HP).
  • Blue glims: Restores some Magical Points(MP).
  • Gold glims: Golden Glims are a special type of Glim that restores all of the HP of the recipient. They will also allow the recipient to perform a Miracle Move at the cost of no MP. The Miracle Move used differs depending on the recipient. However, they are only available for a short time, as in they disappear if not collected quickly, unlike green or blue glims.