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Goldpaw, as seen from the World Map.

Goldpaw (ゴルドパウンド Gorudopaundo "Gold Pound") is a city in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. It is first visited in Chapter 3.


Goldpaw is known for its neon lights, rich atmosphere and emphasis on gambling. Almost everything in Goldpaw is decided by the roll of the dice, including taxes and criminal justice.

Library's Description

A Kingdom Where All is Left to Luck

Goldpaw is a large kingdom situated in the southern part of the Summerlands. The local population is dominated by dogfolk. In Goldpaw, everything is left to chance--even the tax rate is determined by the roll of a die. Longfang, the local kingmaker, is held in high esteem on account of his reputation as a bringer of good fortune.

Gambling is a day-to-day life in Goldpaw, and its state-operated casino is also popular with visitors to the kingdom. Fortune-telling is also highly prized, and the local people tend to consult the stars in times of confusion or distress. As a result, the leader of Goldpaw—otherwise known as the “Grand High Roller”--has tended to have quite a talent for clairvoyance. Master Pugnacius is the current High Roller.

A Beacon of Regional Peace

The port of Capstan-upon-Hull is considered part of Goldpaw for administrative purposes. Goldpaw once sought to gain control over other settlements on the Eider Downs, but their attempts were repelled in a series of bloody battles. The scars have long since healed, however, not least because many people from the provinces have since moved to Goldpaw in search of fortune.

Points of interest



  • The entire city seems to based on Chinese culture, including the names and outfits of the citizens, the type of food served, the background music and the architecture.
  • The names of most characters and locations within Goldpaw have a pun of some sort (i.e. "Pugnacious" - a play on words for the breed of dog he is and the word "pugnacious")