Guardian of the Woods
Guardian of the Woods Screenshot
Boss Information
Aliases Forest's Caretaker
Japanese Name 森のタシ
World Deep Dark Wood
Boss Analysis
HP 152
Weak Fire
Resist Storm
Attack 23
Defense 13
Magical Attack 11
Magical Defense 13
Evasion 14
Accuracy 29
After Battle Rewards
Experience 90
Guilders 75
Drops Spirit of the Woods

The Guardian of the Woods (森のタシ Forest's Caretaker) is the first boss you encounter in your journey. He is basically used as the tutorial for boss fights. He is, as his title states, the Guardian of the Woods; however, an encounter with Shadar has turned this once benevolent creature into a destructive monster.


Genus: Nobilia Elemental
Resistance: Storm
Elemental Weakness: Fire
Tricks: Windfall, Bellow
Items Dropped: Spirit of the Woods (もりのオーブ Forest Orb)
Location: Deep Dark Wood (滝回廊 Corridor of Waterfalls), within The Rolling Hills (北の森 North Forest).


Grind and go through the track between the first save stone and second (which is right before the boss). Level 4 or 5 on Normal is a good level to battle the boss. Use Oliver's Fireball and Defend when the boss winds up one of his attacks (Windfall and Bellow).

Since this is pretty much a tutorial, look for the golden orb which lets Oliver do his limit break (Burning Heart).


Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Guardian of the Woods

Ni No Kuni - Boss Battle Strategy Guardian of the Woods