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Hamelin is a major kingdom in Autumnia. It is best known as being the most technological city in all of Ni no Kuni (before the creation of Broadleaf in later years). Queen Lowlah described that area of Autumnia as a war-like realm, a description very evident by the fact that the land is dark and full of abandoned mines, and that the entire kingdom of Hamelin is enclosed in a pig-shaped structure.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

By the time Oliver and the rest reach Hamelin, everyone in the kingdom was wearing bulky uniforms with life-like pig helmets, prompting Swaine to jokingly nickname the place "a Hog Heaven". It was also outlawed for passerbys to make eye-contact, with the prince especially, with a fine of 5000 guilders or three years in prison, which prompt our heroes to need disguises to get into the palace. This was because their ruler, Prince Marcassin (One of the Great Sages) had become heartbroken losing his belief in himself (both in looks and in talent) as well as in the populace. Once his belief is restored, many of the citizens no longer wear their uniforms, though some still do.

Cat's Cradle costs 140g to spend the night.



Name Price
Sandwich 100g (90g with Cheapjack)
Cheeseburger 500g (450g with Cheapjack)
Iced Coffee 200g (180g with Cheapjack)
Strong Coffee 800g (720g with Cheapjack)
Phoenix Feather 500g (450g with Cheapjack)
Poison-Be-Gone 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Blindness-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Sleep-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Curse-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Nix-Be-Gone 60g (54g with Cheapjack)
Stone-Be-Gone 100g (90g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Chocolate 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Flan 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Cake 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Sundae 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Pie 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Ice Cream 20g (18g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Dumpty Egg 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crispy Lettuce 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crunchy Carrot 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Tender Beef 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Yogurt 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Fluffy Rice 150g (135g with Cheapjack)
Sour Grapes 200g (180g with Cheapjack)
Creamy Milk 200g (180g with Cheapjack)



Name Price
Soldier's Sword 2000g (1800g with Cheapjack)
Witch's Thorn 2400g (2160g with Cheapjack)
Soldier's Spear 2400g (2160g with Cheapjack)
Guardsman's Ax 2900g (2610g with Cheapjack)
Tower Toppler 2400g (2160g with Cheapjack)
Haunted Claws 2000g (1800g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Soldier's Helmet 1500g (1350g with Cheapjack)
Grunt Armor 2000g (1800g with Cheapjack)
Soldier's Smock 1300g (1170g with Cheapjack)
Caghoul 1400g (1260g with Cheapjack)
Grunt Shield 1900g (1710g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Steel Scale 1200g (1080g with Cheapjack)
Piercing Fangs 1400g (1260g with Cheapjack)


  • In addition to smog, there's actually no weather in Hamelin because, as the Wizard's Companion mentions, it is enclosed by a roof.
  • The name Hamelin is possibly a play on much of the pig motifs found throughout the city.
  • The Wizard Companion mentions that this is actually a good residental area for non-wizards.
  • Manna is still able to fall down to Hamelin depsite the fact that there's a roof above it.
  • This is the only city with a black market.
  • Hamelin has a "mechanical" look to it as most of the items remind one of an industrial factory with all the gears and the dark metal-color scheme.
  • Once returned back to Hamelin and defeated the bosses involved in that storytime, there will be a portal that will allow you to travel to the palace quicker.
  • Hamelin is a name for a surprising ammount of real cities and towns eg.