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A Higgledy is a species in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. There are 100 Higgledies the player can collect. They replace the Familiars. The player can obtain them in two ways: either by finding Higgledy Stones and giving up a specific item, or by crafting them in Evermore. There are 6 main types of Higgledies:

Normal, water, fire, wind, light, dark.

More about Higgledies

Higgledies help the player in combat by using one of their four unique skills. Higgledies are able to be leveled up through the Higglery in Evermore; each level increases their stats and the effectiveness of their abilities.

  • Players can activate Higgledy Gaggle! by forming higgledy teams based on their headgear and/or accessories. This offers a specific special bonus to all active higgledies. For example:
  • Pairing 4 Higgledies with aviator goggles activates the Higgledy Gaggle! "Brain Trust": Four bespectacled higgledies team up to unleash special moves more often.

Emoticons for the different types of Higgledies are available on steam, with the following names

  • Higgledy puff for the wind element
  • Higgledy splish for water
  • Higgledy sizz for fire
  • Higgledy glitz for light
  • Higgledy dinge for dark

Getting your Higgledy friends to help

(From the ingame tutorial/Playstation)

  • During battle, Higgledies will automatically back you up by attacking, defending, healing and performing various other actions based on their type.
  • Sometimes, they'll give you the go-ahead to issue special orders that will see them perfom incredible super-powererd skills. Just run up and press x to activate them.
  • Certain other Higgledies will allow you to absorb them by holding down the button for your character's spells and abilities, thereby changing and improving their effects.

Higgledy locations


Tale of the Timeless Tome DLC

In this DLC the High Higgledy is introduced. They are born from human emotion, they dwell in the deepest of thoughts and memories making their home in memory lane.


Higgledies somewhat resemble the Kodama from Princess Mononoke, another Studio Ghibli work.