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Character Information
Aliases The Sage of the Ages Horologium
Japanese Name 魔法使いの「ミラント」
Romaji Magic User "Miranto"
Gender Male
Occupation Sage of Ages (Formerly)
World of Origin Ni no Kuni
See also: Horace's Riddles

Horace (魔法使いの「ミラント」Magic User "Miranto") is a ghost in the shape of a little boy. He has green hair, a pink cape and is originally seen as a ghost next to a tombstone to the right of the palace courtyard in Ding Dong Dell.  He quizzes Oliver on trivia from the Wizard's Companion and rewards him with spells.

Horace and Oliver meet.

Oliver must use Spirit Medium to talk to him whenever they meet in the PS3 version, but the spell is only necessary the very first time in the NDS version.

Horace implies that he is very, very old but has lost some of his memories.

Meeting Locations

He spent a long time in Ding Dong Dell without meeting anyone who could see or converse with him, and after having a chance to talk to Oliver, develops a case of wanderlust to remember his past.  He then proceeds to travel around the world, visiting towns and settlements in approximately the same order that Oliver does (though sometimes somewhat behind him).  

He appears in these places:

  1. Ding Dong Dell - (NDS) By the gravestone to the right of the town fountain.
  2. Al Mamoon- (NDS) On the street on the left side of town.
  3. Castaway Cove(NDS) Just above the inn on the map.
  4. The Fairyground - (NDS) One screen left of the town square at the entrance (with the mini fountain).
  5. Hamelin
  6. Yule
  7. Perdida
  8. Ara Memoriae
  9. The Tombstone Trail
  10. The Vault of Tears
  11. The Glittering Grotto
  12. Zodiarchs' Chamber


At Ara Memoriae, after the battle with Gallus, Horace would appear as an adult and has somewhat more extensive knowledge than before. He then gives you the Astra spell after answering his question.

Postgame, he will post at every Swift Solutions "I am waiting at Ara Memoriae." And then provide a side quest. The side quest reveals Horace was a student under the Wizard King, who occupied the tenth seat on the Council of Twelve, with the title of Gallus. He fled the council after the death of the Wizard King, fearing that they would turn against him as well.