Important Items is a section found in the inventory. They are items which are important in the storyline and cannot be sold. This section is more of a misc. section.

Icon Name Description

The Wizard's Companion

A venerable tome, containing wizarding knowledge from ancient times to the present day.


A vessel worn around the neck, designed to store pieces of people's hearts.

Proof of Wits

A crest encased in a spherical gem that proves its owner has overcome the sagely Test of Wits.

Proof of Friendship

A crest encased in a spherical gem that proves its owner has overcome the sagely Test of Friendship.

Proof of Strength

A crest encased in a spherical gem that proves its owner has overcome the sagely Test of Strength.


A vessel used to blend items together in order to create new ones. It is also the home of the genie Al-Khemi.

Sapdragon Ticket

A familar ticket that can be exchanged for a sapdragon.

Mandragorer Ticket

A familar ticket that can be exchanged for a mandragorer.

Lumberwood Ticket

A familar ticket that can be exchanged for a lumberwood.

Dinoceros Ticket

A familar ticket that can be exchanged for a dinoceros.

Relixx Ticket

A familar ticket that can be exchanged for a relixx.


A picture of the Great Sage who is said to reside in the city of Hamelin. He looks like a very handsome man.

Letter of Passage

A letter that grants its bearer permission to board the Sea Cow, Her Moojesty's very own ship.

Skeleton Key

A key obtained on the Tombstone Trail of the past. But can it still be used in th present day...?

RIP Pass

A pass that allows the bearer to access an extremely exclusive RIP area.

Dragon Horn

A horn whose distinctive call can be heard by Tengri, wherever he may be. Press up to summon him.

Map of the Stones

A map that shows the locations of the three magic stones required to restore Mornstar's power.

Serpent Key

A key that opens the door to the Vault of Tears. A sinister snake is coiled around its shaft.

Wings of Xanadu

A medal entrusted to you by a female soldier from Xanadu. It is the only proof that she exists.

The Clarion

An instrument made using the talents of three kingdoms, and renowned as a symbol of peace.

Alicia's Pendant

A pendant that was given to Allie by Lucien. It contains nothing but pure motherly love.

Name Tag

This tag proves that your bond with your familiars is so deep, they'll even let you change their names.

Philmobile Key

A key to a sporty yellow car. Press down to get behind the wheel of the Philmobile.

Cherub's Wing

An elegant wing that once belonged to an angel. It can be used to enhance the heart-winning harp.

Heart of the Muse

A gem that enables one to commune with all living things. It can be used to enhance the heart-winning harp.

Blossom of the Bard

A decorative flower, much-prized by fairy comedians. It can be used to enhance the heart-winning harp.

Cad's Clasp

A prized piece of vintage Hamelin engineering. It can be used to improve the performance of handguns.

Riddle Rivet

A curious part about which nothing is known, save that it can apparently improve the performance of handguns.

Spirit of the Woods

A deep green orb that once belonged to the Guardian of the Woods. A roaring gale is sealed within.

Spirit of the Glade

A blood-red orb that once belonged to a mighty warrior. Unquenchable fighting spirit is sealed within.

Spirit of the Temple

A crimson orb that once belonged to a beast with two blades. Countless sword strikes ring out from within.

Spirit of the Flame

A blazing orb that once belonged to an enormous, fiery giant. Roaring flames are sealed within.

Spirit of the Storm

A shining orb that once belonged to a creature which crackled with energy. A mighty storm is sealed within.

Spirit of the Snow

An icy orb that once belonged to a huge wolf. A raging blizzard is contained within.

Magic Wand

Though comparatively easy to use, a wand like this will only come to life in the hands of a true wizard.


The legendary wand has been restored to its full might, granting its owner incredible magical power.

Imperial Scepter

A powerful wand that has belonged to the royal family of Hamelin for countless generations.


A wand that contains a wizard's soul, entrusted to Oliver so that he might save Cassiopeia from her fate.

Sky Tree Wand

A holy wand, carved from the branch of an ancient tree whose flowers bloom in three different colors.

Timeworn Harp

Esther's harp. Though it has seen a lot of use, it is still capable of producing a truly beautiful sound.

Heart-Winning Harp

A harp fashioned by a playful spirit. Hearing its song is enough to soothe the hearts of wild beasts.

Pickpocket's Pistol

The wire fired by this gun can be used to pick of distant treasure chests.

Rogue's Revolver

A gun that shoots several wires at once, making it possible to pick even more complicated locks.

Highwayman's Handgun

A gun made using the latest Hamelin technology. It takes experience to get the most from its complex design.

Oliver's Clothes

Oliver's favorite outfit, combining a yellow sweater and a comfortable pair of blue pants.

Traveler's Clothes

A special set of clothes made from the woven fibers of the Sky Tree. Said to bring travelers good fortune.

Bathing Suit

A swimsuit provided by the Governor of Castaway Cove. It doesn't fare at all badly in the fashion stakes.

Hamelin Armor

The standard uniform of the Hamelin grunt, known for its generous waistband and pig-shaped helmet.

Winter Clothes

Indispensable when in the Winter Isles. these garments keep one warm in even the most unrelenting snowstorm.

Esther's Clothes

A popular outfit among the young women of Al Mamoon, allowing for freedom of movement when dancing.

Bathing Suit

A swimsuit whose color puts one in mind of the ocean. Its light skirt flutters gently in the sea breeze.

Hamelin Armor

Made especially for female soldiers, this armor retains a certain elegance despite its ghastly expression.

Winter Clothes

A winter coat decorated with pom-poms that are believed to be tokens of affection in the tomte community.

Shabby Coat

A well-worn garment that's full of holes. Or a "distressed" piece of "vintage fashion", if you prefer.

Bathing Suit

An outfit that's perfect for sunbathing - provided the wearer doesn't desire anything approaching a tan.

Hamelin Armor

A large suit of armor capable of making even the scrawniest fellow look like a fearsome warrior.

Winter Clothes

The traditional costume of Yule, embroidered with a pattern that's designed to ward off evil magic.

Fairy Suit

A basic fairy costume, woven using magic fibers that are guaranteed to provide a comfortable fit at all times.

Bathing Suit

Trunks made from special waterproof fibers that allow even the most incompetent swimmer to stay afloat.

Hamelin Armor

A Hamelin grunt's helmet, used to cover the entire body. Makes one look very silly when walking

Furry Suit

A snugly fitting fairy costume with fluffy white trim. Makes any fairy look right at home in the snow.

Regal Attire

A royal robe, lovingly woven from only the finest threads by the most accomplished tailor in all of Hamelin.

Bathing Raiment

High-qualiy Hamelin-made swimwear that provides comfort, elegance, and exemplary ventilation.

Winter Vestments

The kind of warm garments worn in the Winter Isles. Despite their plain design, they are clearly well made.
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