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Kotona Takashina
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Character Information
Japanese Name 高科 琴名 (タカシナ コトナ)
Romaji Takashina Kotona
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation High school student
World of Origin Ichi no Kuni
Japanese voice actor Mei Nagano
English voice actor Abby Trott
Soul mate Astrid Astrum
Boyfriend Haruto Ichihara

Kotona Takashina (高科 琴名 (タカシナ コトナ) Takashina Kotona) is a character in the Ni no Kuni film. She is a popular and innocent high school student living in Tokyo. She is dating Haruto Ichihara, and is friends with Yusuke Ninomiya. Her soulmate is Princess Astrid. She likes sour oranges just like her soul mate. But has two parents unlike her soul mate.


She is dating Haru and is friends with Yu. She is sometimes jealous of Haru's fangirls. She later goes on a date with Haru, and they both go their separate ways home. On her way home, she notices something stalking her. She is then captured by this mysterious figure who turns out to be a Black Banner Assassin. The assassin stabs Kotona with the dagger, but she is saved by Yu. Haru also arrives on the scene, who then picks her up to get some help along with Yu.

Haru and Yu are transported to Ni no Kuni and it is unknown how she got to safety. Upon the return of her two friends, it is discovered that she has a malignant tumor and has only three months to live, devastating both Haru and Yu. Her condition progresses to the point where she had to be sedated. Upon the defeat of Galeroth Felgrimm, her condition improves, shown when it was confirmed that her doctors removed her tumor. She like the rest of Ichi no Kuni inhabitants forget Yu's existence. Despite this, she goes on with her life with happiness alongside Haru.


  • Due to their similarities, Kotona and Astrid share the same voice actresses in the English and Japanese dubs of the movie.