Leila 10
Character Information
Japanese Name レイラ
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Owner of Leila's Milk Bar
World of Origin Ichi No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Watanabe Eri
English voice actor Rachel Atkins
Soulmate Queen Lowlah

Leila (レイラ) is the owner of "Leila's Milk Bar (Leila's Farm Shop)" (a small grocery store of sorts) and is soulmates with Queen Lowlah. She looks after Oliver after his mother passed away, and was seen giving him a slice of pie so he wouldn't go hungry after three days of mourning. Her all-time favorite food is cheese, something she shares with her soulmate. Though because of the Cowlipha's lack of restraint, she was also affected by it, even taking up jogging so she could justify eating more cheese. She's the owner of King Tom's soulmate, Timmy Toldrum.