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PS3 locket

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The Locket (トレビン torebin) is a tool of Oliver's used to store pieces of heart (こころのカケラ fragments of heart). Oliver receives the locket from Old Father Oak in the very beginning of the game and continuously wears it around his neck.

Heart pieces are otherwise known as "emotions" or "virtues", and if there is a lack of one in a person, they become "brokenhearted". In this case, "brokenhearted" doesn't refer to sadness but refers to someone emotionally stunted in some way, ranging from acting rude to acting like a blank slate. If their missing emotion isn't restored soon, they may become afflicted with nightmares. While an excess of a particular emotion can be just as bad as a lack of it, it's unclear if it should still be called "brokenheartedness" in such cases.

NDS locket

Characters may have an emotional imbalance at any given time, and while excess of emotion can be sensed by the locket's radar, a lack of emotion can't be. Typically the lack of an emotion/virtue is due to Shadar influence, whereas an excess can be due to anything, for instance a happy occasion. Oliver can take a piece of heart from a character by casting Take Heart. He can give away a stored piece of heart by casting Give Heart.

In the NDS version, while the locket can apparently store more than one copy of the same emotion at once, the in-game screen only shows the player as actually owning one copy. In the PS3 version, the player can really only store one piece at a time, and furthermore can only take an emotion from a character once during the game, even if later on they have another excess.

Emotions (virtues)

In the PlayStation version, the order of the emotions is sorted by their appearance in the game. In the DS version, they appear in a different order.

When an emotion goes missing the character exhibits the opposite of the missing emotion in all cases except for "love", where the opposite isn't "hate" but "indifference".

The majority of the emotions in the game are unlocked one after another after besting a Nightmare boss in combat.

List Of Emotions

Icon Name Description/Unlock Requirements
Enthusiasm.png Enthusiasm
The distilled spirit of get-up-and-go.

Unlocked after gaining both Give and Take Heart. The first donor of this virtue is the energetic Ding Dong Dell guard.

Kindness.png Kindness
The warm, fuzzy gift of generosity.

Unlocked immediately after defeating Rusty's Nightmare. The first donor of this virtue is Betty Cartwright.

Courage.png Courage
The stout and sturdy force of fearlessness.

Unlocked after using Take Heart on Myrtle when after defeating Rusty's Nightmare. The first donor of this virtue is Myrtle Cartwright.

Restraint.png Restraint
The power to resist the demon of temptation.

Unlocked after using Take Heart on Abull. The first donor of this virtue is Abull.

Belief.png Belief
The noble certainty of unshakable faith.

Unlocked after obtaining Mornstar, returning to Hamelin, and using Take Heart on young Marcassin. The first donor is young Marcassin.

Confidence.png Confidence
The heaven-sent strength to believe in oneself.

Unlocked immediately after defeating Denny's Nightmare. The first donor of this virtue is Captain Kublai.

Love.png Love
The thing that makes the world go round.

Unlocked immediately after defeating Khulan's Nightmare. The first donor of this virtue is Captain Kublai.

Ambition.png Ambition
The impulse to strive for a better tomorrow.

Unlocked immediately after defeating Phil's Nightmare. The first donor of this virtue is Oliver himself.

  • While not being heartbroken, fairies occasionally and similarly need pieces of art in order to mend their comedy routines if they've gone wonky (broken-arted). Take Heart is not needed to obtain said pieces of art during the single story quest they are needed in.