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Character Information
Aliases Porcine Prince

Prince’s Servant

Japanese Name ラース
Romaji Rāsu
Gender Male
Age 20
Species Human
Weapon Wand
Occupation Emperor of Hamelin
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Junpei Mizobata
English voice actor Iain McKee
Nigel Pilkington (Young)
Brother Swaine
Father Emperor of Hamelin

Marcassin (ラース Rāsu?, "Lars") is the best character in the game, also known as the Porcine Prince , ruler of Hamelin and one of the Great Sages, who will join your party near the end of the game.

When you first meet Marcassin, he is brokenhearted by Shadar and will require some belief to come to his senses.

Although Marcassin's father was the Emperor of Hamelin, Marcassin is still referred to as a Prince in the present, even though he is the presiding ruler. It's possible that during the time he was brokenhearted, his lack of belief made him decide he was not good enough to be an emperor.


Marcassin is said to be an extremely talented and handsome young man, though as a child he was very meek and quiet. While he was broken-hearted, he was constantly berating himself and his looks as he lost belief in himself. 

He very much looks up to his big brother, Prince Gascon, who gruffly looked after him as a child, and fully believed he would come back if he were ever in need.


Marcassin has long, black hair and green eyes.

When he is broken hearted, he wears a tan tunic over a dark green shirt, with light green pants and matching slippers.

When in your party, he wears a dark blue shirt and a dark, yellow belt, a blue jacket with large bell sleeves and yellow and red trim, a green insert on the inside of the jacket with a fleur-de-lis, an indigo cloak with more red and yellow trim, a white collar, fastened with a clasp in the shape of a pig's nose, he also wears purple pants and brown shoes.

At the royal procession, he wears an outfit similar to the previous emperor's, with a dark blue shirt and green front piece with two yellow fleur-de-lis, red and yellow cuffs, large purple pants, brown shoes, and a boar mask.

As a child he wears a dark blue shirt with light blue trim, a dark yellow belt, an indigo cloak with yellow trim and a green gem, purple pants, white socks, and brown shoes.

In the Winter Isles he wears a long, light purple coat with white trim, dark gloves, and brown boots.

In Castaway Cove he wears purple trunks with red and yellow trim and a green waistband.

Story Role

Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

After defeating Shadar, Oliver and others meet up in Ding Dong Dell to celebrate. However, Cassiopeia disrupts it by casting manna on the people, turning them into wretches. Before they get affected by the manna, Marcassin abruptly falls from the sky, and saves Oliver and the group, bringing them to the Iron Wyvern. He later explains that the manna had not only affected Ding Dong Dell, but Al Mamoon and Hamelin, too.

After discussing the plan to restore Ding Ding Dell, Al Mamoon, and Hamelin, Marcassin insists to join your party. He, along with Oliver, Esther, and Swaine, locate the crystals in the three kingdoms for Pea to cast Sanctify on.

Battle Role

Marcassin uses the same wands as Oliver, but his Imperial Scepter is already a good weapon until you complete Errand 136 and create the Sky Tree Wand. He can fight equally well in hand-to-hand or with his spells due to his stat array. Depending on how levelled your party is, the fact you get him at level 49 could be either an advantage or disadvantage.

His miracle move is Prince's Blessing, which heals everybody in the party

Marcassin has an affinity with Daemonia, Nymphae, and Minima familiars.

An interesting thing to note is that while Marcassin is unable to cast every spell Oliver can, he casts whatever spells he can cast slightly faster than Oliver.


  • Marcassin was possibly named after the prince in the French version of the fairytale "The Pig King" — which was entitled "Prince Marcassin". This may be another explanation as to why he is referred to as a prince rather than an emperor.
  • Marcassin will refer to Swaine as his birth name, Gascon when the player switches between him and Swaine during a battle.