Merit Awards are claimed by trading completed merit award stamp cards at the Swift Solutions shops. Stamp cards are filled up by completing Errands and Bounty Hunts.

Awards are arranged in tiers. You must purchase all the awards in one tier before you may purchase a merit award in the next tier.


In order to earn a Merit Stamp card, you actually need to fill up all 10 open spots on the card itself. This can be done through doing Errands or Bounty Hunts. Once you have filled all ten spots, the card will be completed, and you'll be presented with a new one.

English PS3 Rewards

PS3 stamp merit card

The PS3 stamp/merit card. To the right is the actual stamp card, the left is rewards.

At Swift Solutions, you can exchange cards for "prizes". These prizes are passive abilities inside and outside battles and are unlocked by tiers. Awards are arranged in tiers. You must purchase all the awards in one tier before you may purchase a merit award in the next tier.

Tier One

Icon Title Cards Needed Use
Jumpingjackicon Jumping Jack 1 cards Allows you to jump with the O (circle) button.
Jackbenimbleicon Jack-Be-Nimble 1 cards Oliver moves faster in the overworld.
Littlejackhornericon Little Jack Horner 1 cards Foraging naturally occurring resources may sometimes yield double yield.
Jackintheboxicon Jack in the Box 2 cards Sneaking by enemies when they are turned away is easier.
Jackpoticon Jackpot 2 cards Additional green and blue glims appear in battle.
Jollyjacktaricon Jolly Jack Tar 1 cards The ship travels faster.

Tier Two

Icon Title Cards Needed Use
Cheapjackicon Cheapjack 3 cards Item prices in stores are lowered slightly.
Crackerjackicon Crackerjack 3 cards EXP earned is increased
Jackolanternicon Jack-O'-Lantern 3 cards Enemies drop more items.
Jackpotiiicon Jackpot II 3 cards Any glims left on the battlefield are auto-collected if you win.
Jackatapinchicon Jack-at-a-Pinch 3 cards The money payment for continuing the game after dying is reduced slightly.
Flapjackicon Flapjack 2 cards Tengri the dragon flies faster when the O (circle) button is held.

Tier Three

Icon Title Cards Needed Use
Jackofhearticon Jack of Hearts 4 cards Enemies are more susceptible to Esther's Serenade.
Jackamendallicon Jack Amend All 4 cards Oliver recovers health from walking.
Crackerjackiiicon Crackerjack II 4 cards EXP earned is increased more.
Jackofalltradesicon Jack-of-All-Trades 5 cards MP costs for Oliver's spells is reduced.
Jackolanterniiicon Jack-O'-Lantern II 5 cards Enemies drop more rare and valuable items.
Jackthegiantkillericon Jack the Giant Killer 8 cards Oliver increases his current MP and HP by 100 each.

Japanese NDS Rewards

The Japanese NDS game has different rewards than the English/PS3 game. Some you have to talk to the original quest-giver to get the reward, and some you accepted at a quest shop. To redeem quest shop quests, talk to the shopkeeper and choose the second option (ほうこく report). Press the green button that says ほうこく again on the finished quest.

To exchange full stamp sheets for their rewards, go to the stamp sheet page through a quest bulletin board, or: click your bag icon, then クエストノート "quest notebook", スタンプカード "stamp card", ライセンスこうかん "license exchange", and then こうかん "exchange" on whichever one you want. Here are the possible rewards:

えいゆうウォーク (Hero Walk) - costs 1 sheet

  • Description: "走るズピードが少しだけ早くなる" - Travelling speed becomes a little faster. Especially noticable when you want to bypass monsters and are too lazy to fight them, this makes it easier to outrun them and ignore them.

えいゆうセンス (Hero Sense) - 2 sheets

  • Description: "敵の先制攻撃をたまに回避する" - Occasionally avoid the opponent's pre-emptive attack.
えいゆうステルス (Hero Stealth) - 2 sheets
NDS stamp merit card

The NDS stamp/merit card info, with some gathered rewards.

  • Description: "敵に気づかれにくくなる" - Become difficult to notice for opponents.

えいゆうラブ (Hero Love) - 3 sheets

  • Description: "イマージェン育成のとき絆が深まりやすくなる" - Imagine-training's regular bonding becomes cheaper.

えいゆうショッピング (Hero Shopping) - 5 sheets

  • Description: "買い物をするときお店の人が値段を少し安くしてくれる" - When shopping at stores, the price becomes a little cheaper.
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