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Spell Information
Rune Number 52
Spell Type Battle
Element LightElement.png
Effect Shape Point
MP Cost 36 MP
Not to be confused with the wand, Mornstar
Mornstar is a legendary magic wand that has been spoken of since ancient times. Mornstar's power, however, does not come from the wand itself—it comes from its owner's heart. Only wizards who have braved great hardship without surrendering to spite or bitterness are capable of casting this spell, for its glow is that of the pure-hearted.

Wizard's Companion

Mornstar is a battle spell that deals strong light damage to one target. It is obtained right before the party (Oliver, Esther and Swaine) fight Vileheart the second time. It is the second light spell Oliver obtains, although it unfortunately cannot be used against any Nightmares.

Spell Effects

After being casted, a ball of light flares up in the middle of the target before exploding into a burst of light, dealing great damage.


  • During Phase 1 of the final battle with Shadar, Mornstar can be used to stun him if the spell connects while he is charging Evenstar. Note that Mornstar takes slightly longer to charge than Evenstar, meaning you'll have to begin casting before Evenstar begins to charge. Shadar telegraphs his ultimate spell by warping closer to his throne.
  • This spell can oddly be cast using any of the other wands in the game, despite requiring Mornstar to obtain.