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The Nazcaän Script (アストラム語 Asutoramu/Astram language) is an alphabet/syllabary made by the people of Nazcaän/Asutoramu civilization during its golden age. It is nowadays used as a cipher to write modern languages. Not much is known about the original Nazcaän language(s) for which the script was initially devised. It's first mentioned in-game when talking to Horace, the Sage of the Ages.

Download font Nazcaän Script


Depending on the language written the rules of use differ. For instance when writing Japanese the syllabic set is used together with a symbol to mark long vowels and some diacritical marks to mark peculiarities in the Japanese syllabary. When writing German, special provisions are made for writing letters such as ß and ü, and the ancient characters to write th, ch and ei in English are instead used to write j, u and w. Similar adaptations can be observed in other languages.

Below follow general rules to write and read English with the Nazcaän script:

Inside the NDS casino, showing Nazcaän/Astram language.

  1. The text is written and read from right to left.
  2. Typically no inter-punctuation is used and spaced words are rare, though segments of text may be set apart with some added space
  3. The English letters j, u and w are written as i, v and vv (v twice) respectively
  4. Sometimes ancient Nazcaän letters are used to write the digraphs th, ch and ei, but they may as well be written as two distinct letters.

PS3 English Examples

Numerous words and sentences are written in the Nazcaän script inside the Wizard's Companion. Examples (with punctuation) are:

  • A word on the top right corner on the page on the Ashes of Resurrection spell (Deciphered: Forbidden)
  • Another word on the top left corner on page 4 (Deciphered: Welcome to the world of wizardry.)
  • Two words on the top right in the world map page (Deciphered: T'he world)
  • A paragraph starting from page 5 to 4 (Deciphered: A wizard’s life is a journey upon which he must constantly strive to reach new heights of understanding. Though his path be strewn with a myriad obstacles and temptations, he must not be deterred nor turned from his goal. He must push on, for it is only through perseverance that he may one day become a sage; the wizard’s ultimate destiny and his greatest challenge.)
  • ​A text in this script is also found on Oliver's first wand, the Old Stick (Deciphered: Bring Hope)

NDS Usage

A screenshot from the Conductor's dream world.

  • Horace gives quests about deciphering text in certain pages of the handbook.
  • The Temple of Trials's "trial of wisdom" has one decipher words and then perform the correct spell.
  • The Conductor has symbols from the "language" drawn into the background.
  • Al Mamoon has it on some shop signs.
  • The Fairyground uses it in their "welcome to town" sign and on their casino.