Ni no Kuni, also known as "the other world/country" or "the second world/country", is a parallel world where most of the gameplay takes place. In contrast, Oliver's world is known as "ichi no kuni", or "the first world/country".

While every town/city is treated more like a country in that they have their own unique clothing, culture, food items, and sometimes ethnicities (races), it's not uncommon to travel between them. This is shown by that every town in the NDS game has at least one "cat-human", which means they are a citizen of Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom).

While Oliver can use magic, it appears that most citizens of the world can't. This is shown in part by that Oliver is constantly having to describe certain spells surrounding heartbreak to citizens.


  • In the English PS3 version, "Guilders" are the world-wide currency and look like round, gold coins. Abbreviated to "g".
  • In the Japanese NDS version, the currency is simply called "コイン coin(s)" but they're still golden-yellow and round.
  • There are similar gold coins with cat heads on them, found for a villager during a beginning quest in Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom) in the NDS game. They are called ゴロネールこうか (Goroneeru coins), hinting that there are or were other currencies.
  • The currency for Oliver's world is American dollars.
  • In both the NDS version, and the PS3 version, instead of using normal currency at the casino you use gambling chips which are worth twice the cost of the same amount in normal coins/currency.
  • There are various vouchers and tickets used like currency in the games, for example some vouchers can be exchanged for familiars/imagines, and some are held onto until the end of the game when they are redeemed for other things. An example of such is the vouchers won by obtaining multiple 777's when playing the slot machines, in the NDS game.


Ni no Kuni's world map consists of three continents and and two separate archipelagos. The biggest continent is The Summerlands/The Middle Continent, while the smallest is Nazcaä. Autumnia is another continent. The archipelagos are Teeheeti and The Winter Isles.

The most efficient travel for citizens is apparently by boat.

World Map


  • In the English world map, a word written in Nazcaän/Astram Script is seen. Transcribed, it reads: The World.
  • In the Wizard's Companion/Magic Master, it names Nazcaä as "The Lost Continent", as there was very little information about it after a fog rose around it.
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