Old Father Oak
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Character Information
Aliases Ancient Oak
Japanese Name 古の木
Romaji Inishie no Ki
Gender Male
Occupation Guardian of the Deep Dark Wood
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
English voice actor Alexander Morton

Old Father Oak (古の木 ancient oak) is a resident of the Deep Dark Wood. He gives Oliver a few spells ( Form FamiliarFireball, and Healing Touch ) and explains how to use a familiar. In addition to this, he also entrusts Oliver with The Telling Stone (ロック・ストーン先生 Rock Stone-sensei), which will record his progress and give him tutorials, should he ever forget them.


Old Father/Ancient Oak, after progressing through the story until the chapter "The White Witch", can be talked to in order to receive Tale of Wonder that describes the backstory and long history of him and the Telling Stone that he gives you early in the game.

Old Father Oak was planted many centuries ago. During his life, he was able to talk and even go to places. In the forest, he met the Telling Stone and became friends.

Japanese Quests

1. In the Japanese version, after first entering Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom), when returning to visit Father/Ancient Oak, it's possible to receive the quest "古の木のたのみごと (Ancient oak's favour)". The quest is "go to (滝の回廊 Corridor of Waterfalls) and walk around, looking for two (ようじゅつきのこ black magic mushrooms)". Clearing the quest gives you (いにしえのは ancient tooth) and 2 stamps.

  • 1 mushroom is in the place where the miniboss battle was (look for a blue sparkling thing on the ground to the upper-left of the clearing).
  • 1 mushroom is in the area where you very first arrived when coming to Ninokuni. It's the dead-end area furthest "down" from the ancient tree, with a save statue near an entrance. It's not actually in the corridor of waterfalls, the place is simply named "north forest" on the map. The mushroom is at the bottom-right corner. When you find both mushrooms, it'll give you a message saying "go visit the ancient tree!".

English Rewards

Instead of receiving quests, if you periodically return to the ancient oak in the English game he will give you rewards based on your story progress. If you forget to visit him, you miss the reward.

  • Defeat Hickory Dock in Ding Dong Well
    • Bars of Milk Chocolate x5
  • Return from/to Al Mamoon after curing Rusty
    • New dialogue
  • Return after Esther joins the party
    • New dialogue
  • Defeat Moltaan at Old Smoky
    • Phoenix Feather x3
  • Sail away from Castaway Cove for the first time
    • Bottle of Pixie Dew x3
  • Sail away from Teeheeti after ship repairs
    • Medal of Agility
  • Cure Marcassin’s brokenheartedness in Hamelin
    • Healing Tear Gem
    • Wizard Companion Page
  • Receive magic stone locations on the map
    • Green Man’s Cloak
  • Collect all 3 Magic Stones
    • Nostrum
  • Acquire Clarion of the three kingdoms
    • New dialogue
  • Defeat Vileheart in Miasma Marshes
    • New dialogue
  • Return to Iron Wyvern after visiting Motorville
    • Great Sage’s Secret
  • Defeat Porco Loco in Hamelin
    • Wizard King’s Secret
  • Return to Iron Wyvern after visiting Ara Memorie
    • New dialogue