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Character Information
Aliases Ollie
Pure-Hearted One
Cry-Baby Bunting
Poor-Hearted One
Japanese Name オリバー
Romaji Oribā
Gender Male
Age 13
Species Human
Weapon Wand
Occupation Great Sage
World of Origin Ichi no Kuni
Japanese voice actor Tabe Mikako
English voice actor Adam Wilson
Mother Allie/Alicia
Soul mate Shadar
Soul mate The Conductor
An earnest and cheerful thirteen-year-old boy. He’s an amateur engineer, who loves nothing more than talking to his friend Phillip about gears, gaskets, and all things mechanical. Not long after his mother dies, Drippy appears, and they set off on a journey together to the other world.

—Prima Guide

Oliver (オリバー Oribā?) is a young boy who is the protagonist of Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn and its PS3 remake, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. He lives a joyful life at first until his mother dies unexpectedly after she saves him from drowning. He cries onto a stuffed toy she made for him and his tears bring the doll to life. The doll says its name is Drippy and there is a chance he can save his mother in his world, through his mothers' soul mate, who are two people who share souls and usually share certain attributes.

He is nicknamed "Cry Baby Bunting" (Meso-kun in Japan) by Drippy. This stems from Oliver's continuous crying before Drippy's revival.


While Oliver, a resident of Motorville, tries out a new vehicle designed by his friend Philip, Oliver almost drowns, but is saved by his mother Allie; however, she dies from heart problems soon after saving him. As Oliver cries, his tears cause his doll, a gift from his mother, to come to life and reveal itself as a fairy named Drippy, who tells Oliver that he is from another world where an evil wizard named Shadar took control. He also tells Oliver that each person from his world has a "soul mate", a person that shares a link with someone in Oliver's world, and that his mother looks very much like the Great Sage Alicia, who was captured by Shadar. Realizing that Alicia must have been Allie's soul mate, Oliver sets out with Drippy to travel to the other world and rescue Alicia in the hope that doing so will bring Allie back in his world.

In the other world, Oliver finds a multitude of broken-hearted people affected by Shadar, and uses his new-found magic abilities to restore those pieces of heart which they lack, and travels the world to seek out the four Great Sages who may be able to help. Along the way, he meets Esther, daughter of the Great Sage Rashaad, and Swaine, a thief who initially steals a crucial item from them, but who ultimately decides to help. As they enlist the sages' help, they learn of a wand known as Mornstar that could be used to defeat Shadar, but are at a loss as to how to retrieve it, as it was recently destroyed by Shadar. Soon after, they find themselves many years in the past by the actions of a stranger, and are able to retrieve the wand there.

After returning to the present and retrieving three magical stones to complete the wand, Oliver learns that his mother Allie was in fact the Great Sage, Alicia. Realizing she could not defeat Shadar, and that he had destroyed his soul mate in the other world to avoid the possibility of being defeated through them, she chose to travel into both the future and into Oliver's world in the hopes of finding his next soul mate; after settling into this new world, she eventually gave birth to her son, Oliver, who unknowingly became Shadar's soul mate. After he is defeated, Shadar's past is shown. He was once a soldier who helped a young girl against orders, and whose hometown was destroyed to set an example; a being known as the White Witch called to him to embrace his despair and become the Dark Djinn, Shadar. The spirit of Alicia talks to the dying Shadar, who realizes that the girl he saved was the young Alicia herself. Shadar then uses his power to sever the link between himself and Oliver, in order to save Oliver from dying as well.

With Shadar defeated, Oliver prepares to return home, but the White Witch appears and casts a spell known as "manna", an ash-like substance that turns all living beings in the three major cities into undead-like creatures. A girl named Pea, who has been appearing to Oliver on occasion, travels with the group and uses her magic to clear the cities of manna and restore the people to normal; the group then travel to defeat the White Witch herself. They discover that she was a young queen called Cassiopeia from thousands of years ago who had noble intentions, but was manipulated by her "council of twelve", calling themselves the Zodiarchs, who desired to run the country. Feeling powerless, she found and used the manna spell, believing it would bring peace and prosperity to her people. When the horrific effects of manna were revealed, she gradually witnessed the death of all of her subjects, including the council, and found herself on her own; she was gradually driven to despair and became the White Witch, believing that all life must be destroyed in an attempt to "start over". Her power created an illusory version of the council to oversee the destruction of the world. The remains of her kind intentions also created Pea, the incarnation of her as a child, to help Oliver on his journey. Pea was sent to Motorville by the spirit of the Wizard King, Cassiopeia's father, to give Oliver his starting wand and teach him gateway so he could eventually save Cassiopeia/The White Witch from herself.

Having been defeated, Cassiopeia fuses together with Pea and is restored to her former, kind self. After assisting the group in destroying the Zodiarchy, the last manifestations of the council, Cassiopeia declares that she will dedicate her life to making amends for her actions and Oliver bids farewell to his friends before returning to his old life in Motorville.

Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom/The Tale of a Timeless Tome[]

Taken place centuries after the events of the first game, the majority of Ni No Kuni has forgotten Oliver. The only people who still remember him are the Fairies and the The Conductor. The Fairies would pass down his tales but with each generation the story would alter to the point they don't even remember Oliver name. One of Fairies Lofty heard about Oliver's adventure is inspire to become a Kingmaker and use Oliver's adventure as a base for his Trial Of Knowledge.

Oliver first wand would end up in ownership of Higgledy live in Cloudcoil Canyon who would give it to Even as a gift unaware of it's history. The wand would be use to from a contract with Lofty and later be use to forge the Monster the sword of unite.

In The Tale of a Timeless Tome, Oliver did return to Ni No Kuni and on his final visited deiced to leave his Wizard's Companion in Ni No Kuni and The Conductor would take ownership alone with other items Oliver has use for safekeeping.

The Conductor would keep Oliver legacy alive in the dream world by crating a replica of his house. After Even's group solve all The Conductor's riddles, The Conductor gives the group Oliver Wizard's Companion.

Soul mates[]

Oliver has two different soul mates, Shadar and the Conductor. In Dominion of the Dark Djinn, both characters are part of the main story, while the Conductor is part of the post-game content only in Wrath of the White Witch.


Old oliver ni no kuni movie

There is some speculation that the Old Man from the Ni No Kuni film is in fact Oliver himself far into the future. This is telegraphed mostly through his talk of alternate worlds and the Gateway Spell, and the almost identical Wizard Clothes he dons in his final appearance.

In beginning of the film, an old man appears saying that he has already traveled to the world of Ni no Kuni, standing on top of machinery on the roof of a hospital and attempting to cast Gateway with his cane. A nurse doing laundry notices and attempts to get him to come down before he gets hurt, with the Old Man cautioning her to stay back because the magic could cause an explosion. He explains the magic and how it is meant to open a gateway to another world, much to Nurse Miki's confusion. Later on in the film when Yu visits the hospital to check on him, he's mysteriously disappeared. Yu realizes that perhaps the Old Man really was telling the truth of going to another world due to his recent experiences. He remembers in a flashback the Old Man's wish of journeying to the alternate world of Ni No Kuni, remarking that Yu cannot come with him because "...only Heroes have been chosen to travel to the Other World." At the climax of the film, Yu, mortally wounded and afraid of being unable to protect those he loves sees the Old Man approach. As Astrid and Haru are fighting against Galeroth, he converses with Yu shortly before holding his cane above the fallen warrior. He explains that he had been searching for a very long time for a chosen one worthy of inheriting it, noting that a human deserving of its power does not always show up in every generation. With Yu's declaration of wishing to do more to protect his loved ones, the Old Man entrusts his cane to Yu, as it begins to glow. Walking away, he remarks it's time that he headed back so as not to worry Nurse Miki before disappearing in light.

Old Man and Yu

From One Hero to Another


During his initial appearance in the game, Oliver wore a yellow shirt, blue trousers, and light red socks and blue and white shoes. Upon reaching the first town in the second/parallel world, he obtains a new set of clothing which is a blue vest over a white shirt, white pants, and a red cape. In Castaway Cove, he obtains red swim trunks.

When traveling in The Winter Isles, Oliver wears a thick, blue long coat with white linings, dark gloves, and brown boots.

He also wears the locket that is able to hold parts of people's hearts around his neck along with almost every outfit excluding his Motorville clothes.


Garments Unlocked Image
Motorville Clothes Oliver's default outfit. Worn until Oliver obtains the Wizard Clothes, at which point they are not worn again. Oliver
Wizard Clothes Acquired after going to the Hootique once the clothes are complete in Ding Dong Dell. Worn for the rest of the game except while in the Winter Isles and Castaway Cove. Oliverart
Bathing Suit Acquired in Castaway Cove during the party's first visit. Only worn in Castaway Cove.
Oliver Castaway Cove
Winter Coat Acquired in Yule on the Winter Isles. Only worn while in Yule or the Winter Isles due to the low temperatures there.
Oliver Yule


Oliver is an energetic and honest 13-year-old boy. He loves tinkering with machines, and he and his best friend Phil [Mark] are always dreaming about cars and contraptions.

Official website description

Oliver is a kind-hearted, nice, and polite young boy. Though a bit naïve and gullible, he always helps out where he can and cannot refuse requests. He does not give up hope so easily and his courage rounds off his great character.

In the English version he addresses royalty by their respective titles (an example is calling King Tom XIV/Nyandal his "Meowjesty"), in the NDS version he addresses royalty just as any other character does (meaning if everyone in town calls him "King", so does Oliver).

In the Japanese version, Oliver speaks less dialectically than Shizuku (Drippy).

Oliver has a strong sense of justice. He believes that while the world may be flawed, it's still a place where people strive for the greater good. As seen in various points of the game, he is trusting and kind to strangers, even if they have wronged him once before. His good nature is what causes many characters in the game to trust and help him, eventually culminating in his unwavering willpower to do what's right and become the Hero he was prophesized to be.


Battle Role[]

Oliver is a spell-casting strategist. If he ever gets up close to fight enemies, it will be out of desperation. If you are using Oliver as a melee tank by the time you wander into the southern Summerlands, you should expect to measure his lifespan in seconds. Players should work to improve Oliver's familiars and spells, as they will be his primary means of dealing damage.

Oliver and Marcassin share wands - while Oliver should get preferential treatment (Mornstar and Astra), the Sky Tree Wand (from Errand 136) will go to great lengths in increasing his physical attack, although that weapon may be more suited for Marcassin.

Oliver has an affinity with Milites, Vermes, and Dracones familiars.


Burning Heart

Oliver's Miracle Move

Oliver has in his possession the historical magic encyclopedia known as The Wizard's Companion, granting Oliver access to a multitude of magic spells. Initially, the book lacks a large number of its pages due to Shadar tearing out most of them, containing only Fireball and Healing Touch, but throughout the course of the game Oliver manages to retrieve all of the remaining pages.

Oliver is able to summon familiars to help him on adventures. He is able use wands both as magical conduits and melee weapons, although the latter option deals very low damage except with the Sky Tree Wand.

Oliver's Miracle Move is Burning Heart, a powerful skill where he builds up a massive ball of fire before launching it at his target. It deals massive single-target Fire damage.

Oliver's most valuable asset, however, stressed throughout the game by many, is his courage, determination and good-willed nature.


Oliver learns an array of spells as he progresses through the game, all which are written down in the game's handbook (which is necessary to play the DS game but is built-in for the PS3 game and Nintendo Switch). Said spells can either be used in battle or are required to progress the game while in the field.

Not every spell can be used by Oliver, including the Fairy Spells granted by the Fairy Godmother and the forbidden Ashes of Resurrection. However, Oliver can cast the majority of the spells in the game unlike Marcassin, with the downside of being a slightly slower caster than him.



For the complete list of wands, see Wands.

In the PS3 game, Oliver gets his first wand (an old stick) in Motorville from Pea, as a means to cast the spell Gateway in order to travel to the second world. In the DS game, Shizuku (Drippy) tells him to pick up the "wand" from where it lays in the street outside his house.

He is given the Magic Wand in Ding Dong Dell after mending King Tom's heart and defeating the Rat King in Ding Dong Well.

Oliver gains a legendary wand called Mornstar after being sent back in time by Gallus, which supposedly has the power to break through Shadar's protective barrier: the Black Briar. Said wand achieves its full power after Oliver manages to gain the 3 stones that contained its full strength and defeats Khulan's Nightmare, which not only grants the wand a massive Magic Attack boost but allows Oliver to cast spells such as Healing Hand, Fortune's Fool, and Unleash. Mornstar's signature spell is further unlocked upon battling Vileheart for the second time, which is the 3rd most powerful spell available to Oliver in the game.

After the party bests Gallus near the peak of the Ivory Tower, he gifts Astra to Oliver. Astra, being Mornstar's twin, is one of the strongest wands in the game and also allows Oliver to cast Astra.

Through alchemy, players can also gain the Sky Tree Wand, which is done by combining the Old Stick from the start of the game with the Mirror Of Truth, the latter of which is obtained by finishing the errand that unlocks upon completing all of Horace's riddles. Said wand has the highest physical attack of any wand in the game, with its sole downside being that it has slightly lower Magic Attack than Astra. However, it's worth noting that by this point in the game where one should have achieved it, Oliver should have no business ever Attacking directly unless there is no other options available or there is no danger in doing so.

Max Stats In-Game (Remastered)[]

Movement Speed = 4 ****

Attack Speed = 3 ***

ATK = 194

DEF = 243

MATK = 313

MDEF = 301

ACU = 266

EVA = 233


  • Oliver is the only character who has two victory poses in the PS3 game. In his Motorville clothes, he will end the battle by wiping his hand across his forehead and commenting, “Phew…”. In his wizard clothes, he will raise one of his arms into the air and say something like, “We did it!” or “We won!” (やったな is said in the Japanese NDS version).
  • In Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom, Oliver makes a cameo in Lofty's Trial Of Knowledge and one of Evan's outfit is Oliver's wizard cloth.