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Perdida is a city located in Autumnia . It's noted for being a city for the residents of Xanadu (which was destroyed by Shadar some time ago).


Perdida is located west of Hamelin, Autumnia's biggest city. It is separated from Hamelin and other parts of Autumnia by surrounding Perdida with mountains, except from the south, which leads to a path to the western coast of the continent.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver and the group go there once they talk to the ghost of a Xanadu guard outside Hamelin's palace. They meet a little girl named Nina here and note that almost everyone in town is brokenhearted. They find out that Khulan gives a "gift" to her people when necessary and today Nina is going to recieve that blessing. The group attends the ceremony. Nina, though, refuses the gift when offered and Kuhlan summons a nightmare (Void of Love). Oliver, Esther, and Swaine defeat the nightmare. Then, Kublai jumps in (in the middle of nowhere) and they borrow his Love and give it to Khulan. 

The Great Sage there is Khulan.

NOTE: To gain entrance to the city, you must talk to the Xanadu guard ghost at Hamelin or the guard at Perdida won't let you through.

Cat's Cradle costs 320g. Contains a red chest inside with a Patty Cake



Name Price
Sandwich 100g (90g with Cheapjack)
Cheeseburger 500g (450g with Cheapjack)
Pixie Dew 800g (720g with Cheapjack)
Strong Coffee 800g (720g with Cheapjack)
Cappuccino 2000g (1800g with Cheapjack)
Phoenix Feather 500g (450g with Cheapjack)
Poison-Be-Gone 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Blindness-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Sleep-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Curse-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Confusion-Be-Gone 40g (36g with Cheapjack)
Nix-Be-Gone 60g (54g with Cheapjack)
Stone-Be-Gone 100g (90g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Greatsword 10,000g (9000g with Cheapjack)
Deadeye Spear 11,000g (9900g with Cheapjack)
Grand Ax 14,500g (13050g with Cheapjack)
Lazy Bone 13,000g (11700g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Enchanted Armor 10,000g (9000g with Cheapjack)
Magic Cloak 10,000g (9000g with Cheapjack)
Dusk Mantle 9000g (8100g with Cheapjack)
Avenger's Shield 9500g (8550g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Shining Scale 2400g (2160g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Chocolate 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Flan 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Cake 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Sundae 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Pie 20g (18g with Cheapjack)
Ice Cream 20g (18g with Cheapjack)


Name Price
Dumpty Egg 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crispy Lettuce 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Crunchy Carrot 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Tender Beef 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Yogurt 50g (45g with Cheapjack)
Fluffy Rice 150g (135g with Cheapjack)
Green Grapes 200g (180g with Cheapjack)
Caramels 200g (180g with Cheapjack)


  • The residents there tend to say Spanish words, such as cariño (love, affection).
  • Unlike other towns, Perdida doesn't have any music.
  • According to the Wizard's Companion, rumors of the Savior are rife, or common.
  • Interestingly, they have animals resembling llamas there.
  • This is the only city in which that, for one of the errands, you'll need to use Gateway.
  • Errands here may take longer than usual (since they have more merit stamps).
  • "Perdida" means "Lost" in Spanish.