Character Information
Japanese Name マーク
Romaji Mark
Gender Male
Species Human
World of Origin Ichi No Kuni
English voice actor Max Cazier
Soulmate Pip

Philip (マーク Mark) is a resident of Motorville and is the best friend of Oliver. He is a car fanatic, and his greatest ambition is to create the fastest and best car in the world. He is first encountered at the start of the game when he and Oliver test drives his new car which crashes into the river after a tire breaks off, leading to Allie dying from a heart attack after rescuing Oliver.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Later on in the game, Phil loses his ambition which leads to his soulmate in the other world resort to a life of thievery. His soulmate steals the holy wood from Oliver and refuses to confess that he did so. Thus they travel to Motorville/Hotroit to find out what had happened to him. When he is talked to, he laments on how his inventions only hurt others. When Oliver comforts him, a nightmare attacks. 

After defeating the nightmare, Oliver reminds Phil about the ambitions they had shared together in the past. This reveals that Oliver's own heart is full of ambition. He transfers some of the ambition into Phil. Phil shares an embrace with Oliver, with a new goal to not only create the fastest car, but also the safest.

Post Game

After completing errands for The Conductor, he will allow Oliver to relive his old dream, driving the Philmobile. They are then transported to the other world where they receive the Philmobile key and then allowed to travel using the Philmobile that was seen during the beginning of the game.


His soulmate is a mouse called Pip. Phil is shown to be taller than Oliver in height. He has golden blond hair and blue eyes. His most notable feature is his round brown glasses (which his soulmate also wears). He also wears a red polo shirt, blue trousers (with a belt), and black sneakers.


Phil tends to be a determined, hard-working person (like Pip). However, he tends to have a mean tongue and is a bit sensitive (and defensive).

Oliver says, "He can be kinda mean...and real stubborn...but he's still my best friend. I'm talking about Phil."


Phil is shown to be to have a hobby of building cars. As such, he's good at inventing them. 


  • Phil tends to call Oliver "Ollie" in English.
  • Phil and Oliver seem to have known each other when they were younger. (e.g. Oliver had a past memory about crying because Phil was mean to him). However, seeing as the two aren't very old themselves, this is to be expected.
  • Phil has a striking resemblance to Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service.