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Pistols are a type of weapon in Ni No Kuni. They are the preferred weapon of Swaine, and as such can only be equipped by him. Swaine can use these to perform various trickshots and to unlock green chests that are normally out of reach.

Unlike Oliver and Marcassin's Wands, which are mostly obtained during the story, Swaine's Pistols are mostly created via Alchemy recipes, excluding the Pickpocket's Pistol.

All of the Pistols in the game include a type of criminal or thief in their name. In addition, the Key Item used in most of the Pistols is dropped from Porco Grosso or one of its variations, with the exception of the Riddle Rivet.

Name Atk Def M. Atk M. Def Eva Acc Available

Pickpocket's Pistol

+10 - +2 - - - Swaine's initial weapon, obtained after recruiting him.

Rogue's Revolver

+18 - +5 - - - Alchemy: Recipe 128. Requires Hog's Cog, 1 Drill Screw, and 2 Raw Steel.

Highwayman's Handgun

+30 - +10 - - - Alchemy: Recipe 129. Requires Gyro-Grappler, 1 Blowpipe and 2 Drill Screws.

Cad's Cannon

+70 - +30 - - - Alchemy: Recipe 130. Requires Cad's Clasp, 5 Troll's Tears, and 10 Bubble Pipes.

Masterthief's Magnum

+30 - +70 - - - Alchemy: Recipe 133. Requires Riddle Rivet, 1 Scroll of Truth, and 10 Ritestones.