Porco Grosso
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Boss Information
Japanese Name 紅の豚グロッソ
Romaji Beni no buta gurosso
World Autumnia
Boss Analysis
HP 2540
Weak Storm
Resist Physical
Attack 119
Defense 137
Magical Attack 73
Magical Defense 75
Evasion 72
Accuracy 111
After Battle Rewards
Experience 1130
Guilders 1630
Drops Hog's Cog
Steal Tower Toppler
The latest rumors emanating from the factories of Hamelin surround a battle tank known as the Porco Grosso. This leaked image--depicting the tank's designers, the Porco twins, standing next to their creation--is the only evidence of its existence. The Porco Grosso is believed to be capable of scaling vertical walls and attacking an entire battalion of enemy troops with a single volley.

The Wizard's Companion (pg. 147)

Porco Grosso is a mechanical tank found in the palace of Hamelin in Autumnia in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Its name is a reference to another Studio Ghibli film, Porco Rosso.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Physical
Elemental Weakness: Storm
Tricks: Porco Salvo (multiple hits to a single target), Road Hog (ram attack), Hog Roast (fan attack), Gammon Cannon (Damages a single target with one attack)
Items Dropped: Hog's Cog
Location: Hamelin


Porco Grosso uses Porco Salvo (point attack), Road Hog (homing charge / ram), Hog Roast (fan attack) and Gammon Cannon (massive damage to single target). Use shock and electric attacks on your strongest familiars (who should be at or above L30 with modifications to their stats) and waste it before it wastes you. The tank uses no immobilizing attacks, just brute force, so respond in kind but don't neglect Defending against those big attacks. Wait a while before defending against Gammon Cannon as this attack takes a little time and while it's locking on your defend time counts down.

Keep in mind that Esther's Drongo will be useful in this fight. You'll want to rely on his Thunderspark trick, since the Porco Grosso is weak to storm.