Queen Lowlah
Kaula Screen
Character Information
Aliases Her Moojesty
Japanese Name カウラ女王陛下
Romaji Queen Kaura
Gender Female
Species Giant
Occupation Queen of Al Mamoon
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Watanabe Eri
English voice actor Rachel Atkins
Soulmate Ms. Leila

Queen Lowlah (カウラ女王陛下 Her Majesty the Queen Kaura), also known as Her Moojesty or the Cowlipha in English, is the Monarch of Al Mamoon (Babanasia Kingdom). This is the second kingdom Oliver visits in the Other World. Her soulmate in Motorville/Hotroit, Oliver's home, is Ms. Leila. Her heart was broken by Shadar/Jabo and lost its restraint, resulting in her obsessive snacking on cheese. Oliver restores her restraint by borrowing Abull's (her servant's), making the Cowlipha normal again. Afterward, she grants Oliver the use of her ship "The Sea Cow" as well as a few spell pages.


Queen Lowlah enjoys cheese and giving her advisor Abull a hard time. She is an excellent gardener in a long line of excellent gardeners, whose skill enabled the kingdom of Al Mamoon to flourish despite its location in the desert. Her Moojesty also has a little crush on Marcassin, the handsome monarch of Hamelin and one of the Great Sages. She happened to have a picture of him on hand to give to Oliver to aid him in locating Marcassin.


  • She is possibly the largest figure in the world of Ni no Kuni, likely second only to the titanic Fairy Godmother.
  • Like King Tom XIV/Nyandal, Queen Lowfah refers to herself in a different manner of speaking than normal citizens, using the "royal we". However, in the NDS game, she speaks normally, unlike Nyandal.