The Rolling Hills spread southwards from the edge of the Deep Dark Wood, and are home to a variety of wildlife and several natural wonders. Travelers are advised to remain vigilant in this area--not only for monster attacks, but also for the troves of hidden treasure that are often found here.

The Wizard's Companion

The Rolling Hills (北の森 North Forest) is an area in the World Map. This is the first overworld area Oliver explores when traveling to the other world. It's part of the Summerlands and, as such, has a summertime theme (where the area is covered in green). The city included in this area includes Ding Dong Dell


Generally, the area is located in The Summerlands and stretches from somewhere above the Deep Dark Wood to the Golden Grove

It should be noted that the land around Skull Mountain and area south of it are not part of the Rolling Hills (those are part of the Barrens).


The area can be identified by its lush greenery. It's covered with grass, trees, and some rock formations (that resemble bones). To the south, however, the area turns into a fall scene--with trees having orange, yellow, and red leaves.

North of the Deep Dark Wood is the Giant's Tabletops.

To the right of Ding Dong Dell, there is a forest dwelling.

To the southwest of Ding Dong Dell, there is an open tunnel that will lead you towards the Conductor. At the same time, if you travel southwest at a different angle (assuming you're walking straight), you may find yourself at the front of the Golden Grove.


If you use the Seek Fortune spell, you can find invisible chests. Currently, you can find about 14 hidden red chests in the area (as seen on IGN's interactive map).

While here, you can also forge certain items (without casting the above-mentioned spell), such as Bane's Flowers, Springwater, or Booster Shoots for Alchemy.</span>


The following familiars/enemies can be serenaded (or defeated) in this area:

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