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Skirmishes are a feature added in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. Evan, with the support of up to four armies, assault command posts and enemy forces while maintaining his own forces health. While a majority of skirmishes are optional, there are a few key ones that are required to advance the plot.


Skirmishes can only be accessed on the world map. They appear as glowing flags planted in various locations. Each skirmish has a recommended level. Victory is obtained when all enemy forces have been eliminated. Defeat occurs when all of Evan's forces have been eliminated, or another objective fails.


Might is used to call reinforcements, use his leaders' special abilities, and capture command posts and other assets of war. Crates of might can drop from defeated enemies.


Evan is able to recruit many army leaders throughout the game: each with their own army and unique abilities. A leader can be defeated in combat once all their troops have been eliminated, though with enough military might, can respawn. Every leader has four unique skills, some passive, and some allow Evan to use a special ability.

Leaders can earn experience points and level up, increasing their stats.


There are several different unit types each with their own benefits an drawbacks. When a unit is defeated in combat, Evan can call for another reinforcement.

A basic "combat triangle" exists: sword > hammer, hammer > spear, spear > sword. Evan can use this to his advantage when deciding what armies he wants to use in each skirmish.


  • Evan cannot attack or be attacked in skirmishes.