Spring Lock
Spring Lock Rune
Spell Information
Rune Number 8
Japanese Name アンロック
Romaji Unlock
Spell Type Everyday
Element -
Effect Shape -
MP Cost 2 MP
Spring Lock is a spell that forces open otherwise impregnable locks. Be sure to try it when you encounter a lock door or chest. Note, however, that this is not a spell that should be used for personal gain. If rumors are to be believed, terrible things are wont to happen to wizards whose greed leads them to spring locks that should not be sprung.

Wizard's Companion

Spring Lock (アンロック Unlock) is an everyday spell that allows it's user to open up locked treasure chests and doors. The chests it's able to unlock is based on how powerful the wand being currently used. This spell is given to Oliver by King Tom after curing him of a broken heart.

As Oliver acquires more powerful wands, the types of chests that can be unlocked increases. The first initial chest to be unlocked can be blue chests. Purple chests will be accessible later on, as the story progresses. Green chests require the lockgun, which is used by Swaine.

Spring Lock WC

Wizard's Companion Illustration of Spring Lock

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