Swaine's Nightmare
Boss Information
Aliases Void of Restraint
Japanese Name クロードメア
Romaji Corrode-mare
World Castaway Cove
Boss Analysis
HP 1280
Weak Light
Resist Dark
Attack 86
Defense 64
Magical Attack 63
Magical Defense 86
Evasion 67
Accuracy 29
After Battle Rewards
Experience 860
Guilders 700
Drops -
Steal -

Swaine's Nightmare (クロードメア Corrode-mare) is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered in Castaway Cove.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Darkness
Elemental Weakness: Light
Tricks: Bad Dream, Grudge
Items Dropped: None
Location: Castaway Cove


This Nightmare's moves do not do damage, so defending will not be very useful during this fight. Bad Dream puts everyone to sleep while Grudge places a curse condition on a single target. The curse condition will reduce the victim's movement speed. If you want to remove either of these conditions, stock up on be-gone provisions before this fight.

Swaine's Nightmare's physical hits are rather tough, so make sure to keep everyone's health up during the fight. A good tactic is to run around and use spells to attack. Periodically, the nightmare will teleport to a random character and cast an above ability. You can try and get in a few physical attacks to interrupt his cast or just run and avoid as usual.

Continue this until the nightmare is defeated.